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Issue Details

Issue #5
Published August [June 7] 2006
Cover Price 2.50 USD; 3.50 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Stephen Wacker; Jann Jones (Assistant); Harvey Richards (Assistant)
Notes Second date is the cover date.

Cover Details

Characters Cyborg [Vic Stone]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Hawkgirl [Kendra Saunders]
Genre Superhero
Pencils J G Jones
Inks J G Jones
Colors Alex Sinclair

20 page 52 story "Stars in Thier Courses"

Characters Booster Gold; Question [Vic Sage]; Ralph Dibny; Renée Montoya; Steel [John Henry Irons]; Skeets; Adam Strange; Animal Man [Buddy Baker]; Captain Maggie Sawyer; Doctor Pieter Cross [Doctor Mid-Nite]; Ellen Baker; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Herald [Mal Duncan]; Maxine Baker; Starfire [Koriand'r]; Ali Ka-Zoom; Bumblebee [Karen Beecher]; Clark Kent; Cyborg [Vic Stone]; Firestorm [Jason Rusch]; Lois Lane; Hawkgirl [Kendra Saunders]; Red Tornado [John Smith]; Shining Knight [Sir Ystin]; Supergirl [Kara Zor-El]
Synopsis Week five turns on the return of part of the team that followed Donna Troy into space. It opens with Green Lantern breaking bad news to an ever hopeful Ellen Baker. Steel is asked to lend a hand with the conditions of some the returnees while Alan fills him in on the last few minutes before that return. Elsewhere, Sawyer presses Montoya about what happened in the abandoned building, and three remaining deal with being marooned in space.
Genre Superhero
Script Geoff Johns; Grant Morrison; Greg Rucka; Mark Waid
Pencils Keith Giffen (Breakdowns); Chris Batista
Inks Jimmy Palmiotti
Colors Alex Sinclair
Letters Phil Balsman
Notes Apparent death of Red Tornado.
Reprinted in 52 (DC, 2007 series) #1

4 page History of the DCU story "History of the DCU: Part 4"

Characters Troia [Donna Troy; also as Wonder Girl]; Cameos -- Alex Luthor; Anti-Monitor; Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Blue Beetle [Ted Kord]; Brainiac 5 [Querl Dox]; Captain Marvel [Billy Batson]; Firestorm [Ronnie Raymond]; Flash [Barry Allen]; Hawkman [Katar Hol]; Hourman [Rex Tyler]; Kid Flash [Wally West]; Lois Lane; Metamorpho [Rex Mason]; Mon-El [Lar Gand]; Obsidian [Todd Rice]; Pariah; Psycho Pirate [Roger Hayden]; Spectre [Jim Corragin]; Sun Boy [Dirk Morgna]; Superboy-Prime; Superman [Clark Kent; Kal-L]; Superman [Clark Kent; Kal-El]; Ultra Boy [Jo Nah]; Wildfire [Drake Burroughs]; Wonder Woman [Diana]
Synopsis Covers the remainder of Crisis on Infinite Earths.
Genre Superhero
Script Dan Jurgens
Pencils Dan Jurgens (Layout); Norm Rapmund (Finishes)
Inks Norm Rapmund
Colors Jeromy Cox; Guy Major
Letters Rob Leigh
Editing Eddie Berganza; Ivan Cohen; Jeanine Schaefer
Notes The Batman and Wonder Woman are the characters from "Earth-1". The Lois Lane is the character form "Earth-2".

1 page DC Nation promo (ad from the publisher)

Synopsis Hot List: Detective Comics 820; 52 5; Wonder Woman 1
Script Dan Didio
Letters typeset

10 page advertisement "Various"

Synopsis [inside front] Superboy, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman; and Adventures of Superman (DVD); [5] got mikl?; [8-9] Dodge; [11] Justice League and Superman: The Animated Series (DVD); [13] In house -- Rush City; [15] (PSA); [21] DK Publishing; [inside back] Pontiac; [back] Superman Returns (game)