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Issue Details

Issue #35
Published December 2005
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 2.50 USD; 3.50 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Peter Tomasi; Michael Siglain (assistant editor)

Cover Details

Characters Aquaman; Koryak; OMAC
Genre Superhero
Pencils Patrick Gleason
Inks Christian Alamy

22 page Aquaman story "A Walk-On Part in the War"

Characters Aquaman [Arthur Curry]; Mera; Aquagirl [Lorena Marquez]; Koryak; OMAC [Anton Geist] (death); Alonzo Malrey; Esther Maris; Black Manta; Wonder Woman (Cameo on TV); Max Lord (Cameo on TV)
Synopsis Aquaman takes Mera, who can now only breathe air, to Anton Geist so he can give her water-breathing powers like he did for the residents of Sub Diego. When Anton suddenly turns into an OMAC the battle rages from under the ocean and onto the beach before Koryak shows up and destroys the OMAC.
Genre Superhero
Script John Arcudi
Pencils Leonard Kirk
Inks Andy Clarke
Colors Nathan Eyring
Letters Travis Lanham
Notes The OMAC Project tie-in

1 page DC In Demand promo (ad from the publisher)

Letters typeset
Notes DC in Demand page for 10.05.