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Issue Details

Issue #30
Published August 1939
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 68
Editing Vincent Sullivan

Cover Details

Genre crime
Pencils Fred Guardineer (signed as Guardineer)
Inks Fred Guardineer (signed as Guardineer)
Letters Fred Guardineer; typeset
Reprinted In The Batman Archives (DC, 1990 series) #1 (June 1990); In Batman Chronicles, The (DC, 2005 series) #1

10 page Tha Batman story "The Return of Doctor Death"

Characters The Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Mrs. Jones; Doctor Death (villain, as Ivan Herd); Mikhail [villain, Death)
Synopsis Thought dead in a fire in his home, Dr. Death has survived, but is in need of funds to re-establish himself, so he sets his sights on diamonds owned by a Mrs. Jones.
Genre superhero
Script Gardner F. Fox
Pencils Bob Kane (signed); Sheldon Moldoff (backgrounds)
Inks Bob Kane (signed)
Letters Sheldon Moldoff
Notes Some info and synopsis asdded by Craig Delich 2-8-09.
Reprinted In The Batman Archives (DC, 1990 series) #1 (June 1990); In Batman Chronicles, The (DC, 2005 series) #1

1 page Crime Never Pays filler

Genre crime
Pencils Terry Gilkison (signed as T.G.)
Inks Terry Gilkison (signed as T.G.)

1 page Oscar the Gumshoe filler

Characters Oscar
Genre gag
Pencils Bob Kane
Inks Bob Kane
Letters Bob Kane?
Notes Letterer credit added by Craig Delich 2-8-09.

6 page Buck Marshall, Range Detective story "Finger of Doom"

Characters Buck Marshall
Genre western
Pencils Homer Fleming (signed as H. Fleming)
Inks Homer Fleming (signed as H. Fleming)
Notes Story printed in red and black only.

6 page Spy story "The Dictator of the United States"

Characters Bart Regan
Genre adventure
Script Jerry Siegel (signed)
Pencils Mart Bailey (signed)
Inks Mart Bailey (signed)

6 page Larry Steele, Private Detective story "The Old Man and the Kid"

Characters Larry Steele
Genre detective
Pencils Will Ely (signed)
Inks Will Ely (signed)

2 page text story "Shadowed"

Genre adventure
Script Frank Thomas (signed)
Letters typeset

6 page Speed Saunders, Ace Investigator story "The Crossbow Mystery"

Characters Speed Saunders
Genre detective
Pencils Fred Guardineer (signed)
Inks Fred Guardineer (signed)
Letters Fred Guardineer

6 page Bruce Nelson story "The Tea Racketeers"

Characters Bruce Nelson
Genre detective
Script Tom Hickey (signed)
Pencils Tom Hickey (signed)
Inks Tom Hickey (signed)

6 page Cosmo, the Phantom of Disguise story "The Imperial Insurance Swindle"

Characters Cosmo
Genre adventure
Script Sven Elven?
Pencils Sven Elven (signed)
Inks Sven Elven (signed)
Notes Story printed in red and black only.

13 page Slam Bradley story "The Granville Insane Asylum"

Characters Slam Bradley; Shorty Morgan.
Genre detective
Script Jerry Siegel (signed)
Pencils Joe Shuster (signed)
Inks Joe Shuster (signed)