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Issue Details

Issue #140
Published October 1948
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 52
Editing Whitney Ellsworth (credited); Jack Schiff (actual)

Cover Details - "The Riddler"

Characters Batman; Robin; The Riddler.
Genre superhero
Pencils Winslow Mortimer
Inks Winslow Mortimer
Reprinted In The Batman Archives (DC, 1990 series) #7 (November 2007); in Batman: Featuring Two-Face and the Riddler (DC, 1995 series) #nn.

12 page Batman story "The Riddler"

Characters Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Robin [Dick Grayson]; Commissioner James Gordon; Mr. Eagle; Riddler [Edward Nigma] (first appearance; villain; origin).
Synopsis Having grown up an expert and a cheat when it came to solving puzzles, Edward Nigma decides to use this capacity to mystify the Police and the Riddler!
Genre Superhero
Script Bill Finger
Pencils Dick Sprang
Inks Charles Paris
Notes Credits verified by Sprang and Paris per Craig Delich; synopsis added by Craig Delich 1-5-08.
Reprinted In Batman from the Thirties to the Seventies (Crown Publishers, Inc., 1971 series) #73-168329; in Batman: Featuring Two-Face and the Riddler (DC, 1995 series) #nn; in The Batman Archives (DC, 1990 series) #7 (November 2007).

6 page Robotman story "Robotman's Double Trouble"

Characters Robotman [Paul Dennis]
Genre superhero
Script Otto Binder
Pencils Jimmy Thompson
Inks Jimmy Thompson
Notes Writer credit by Martin O'Hearn.

7 page Slam Bradley story "Dog for a Day"

Characters Slam Bradley; Shorty Morgan.
Genre detective
Pencils Howard Sherman
Inks Howard Sherman
Notes Inker credit revised by Craig Delich (Nov. 2005). Inker credit preiously given to John Daly.

2 page text story "To the Moon and Back"

Genre adventure
Letters typeset

12 page The Boy Commandos story "The Dictator from Alcatraz"

Characters The Boy Commandos [Rip Carter; Andre; Brooklyn; Tex].
Genre war; adventure
Pencils Curt Swan
Inks Steve Brodie