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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published November 1965
Cover Price .12
Pages 36
Editing ?

Cover Details - "Music Stopped Five Minutes Ago"

Characters Archie Andrews; Veronica Lodge; Jughead Jones; Betty Cooper
Genre teen; humor

6 page Betty story "Liberty Belle"

Characters Betty Cooper; Jughead Jones; Reggie Mantle; Veronica Lodge; Archie Andrews
Synopsis Betty overcomes her love and thoughts for Archie through sheer will and determination. Impressed, the gang holds a party. There Archie -- thinking he is kissing Veronica in a dark room-- kisses Betty instead and dissolves her resolve.
Genre teen; humor

1 page Li'l Jinx story "Up In The Air!"

Characters Li'l Jinx; Hap Holliday (Jinx's father)
Synopsis Jinx wonders why she can't fly.
Genre humor; gags
Script Joe Edwards
Pencils Joe Edwards
Inks Joe Edwards
Letters Joe Edwards

Half page Moose filler "Milk 'N' Moo"

Characters Moose Mason; Geraldine Grundy; Jughead Jones (cameo)
Synopsis Moose describes to the class five items that contain milk.
Genre teen; humor; gag

Half page Reggie filler "First 'N' Last"

Characters Reggie Mantle; Alice (Reggie's date)
Synopsis Reggie and Alice discuss kissing on the first date.
Genre teen; humor

6 page Betty story "Rash Promise"

Characters Betty Cooper; Veronica Lodge; Archie Andrews; Jughead Jones
Synopsis Archie and Veronica try to use the power of suggestion to get Archie out of a date with Betty so that he can go to a dance with Veronica.
Genre teen; humor

5 page Betty story "Hide and Seek"

Characters Veronica Lodge; Betty Cooper; Archie Andrews
Synopsis Veronica avoids Archie in order to go out with a college student, so Betty pretends not to have seen her.
Genre teen; humor

Half page Archie filler "Block That Signal"

Characters Archie Andrews
Synopsis Archie is on the losing football team.
Genre teen; humor

Half page Archie filler "Go, Mascot Go!"

Characters Archie Andrews; Fred Andrews
Synopsis Archie is showing off the school's trophies to his father.
Genre teen; humor; gag

5 page Betty story "Home Sweet Homework"

Characters Betty Cooper; Geraldine Grundy; Jughead Jones; Reggie Mantle; Veronica Lodge; Archie Andrews; Moose Mason (cameo)
Synopsis When Archie gets a bad grade on an English paper, Ms. Grundy suggests he ask a fellow student for help. When Veronica proves to be too busy, Archie asks Betty.
Genre teen; humor