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Issue Details

Issue #3
Published March 1995
Cover Price 2.50 USD; 3.50 CAD
Pages 52
Editing Frank Pittarese; Jim Spivey

Cover Details

Characters The Eradicator
Genre superhero
Pencils Barry Kitson
Inks John Stokes
Colors Gloria Vasquez with Olyoptics Enhancements

18 page Eradicator story "No Mercy!"

Characters FEATURE: The Eradicator; VILLAINS: Team Turmoil
Genre superhero
Script Karl Kesel
Pencils Greg LaRocque
Inks Stan Woch
Colors Glenn Whitmore
Letters Ken Bruzenak
Editing Frank Pittarese

10 page Claw story "Reunions"

Characters FEATURE: Claw
Genre superhero
Script Steven Seagle
Pencils Shannon Londin-Gallant
Inks Tom Simmons
Colors Patricia Mulvihill
Letters Clem Robins
Editing Jim Spivey

10 page The Question story "Homecoming"

Characters FEATURE: The Question (Origin); GUEST: Sister Balbina; VILLAIN: Ricky
Synopsis Vic returns to the orphanage where he grew up and finds one of his former "brothers" terrorizing a nun.
Genre superhero; detective
Script Dennis O'Neil
Pencils Rick Burchett
Inks Rick Burchett
Colors Rick Taylor
Letters Bob Pinaha
Editing Jim Spivy
Notes Haxter Award winning story; Last Question in Question Quarterly #5; Next Question in Azrael Plus #1