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Issue Details

Issue #4
Published April 1995
Cover Price 2.50 USD; 3.50 CAD
Pages 52
Editing Frank Pittarese

Cover Details

Characters Catwoman [Selina Kyle]; Green Arrow [Connor Hawke]; Thorn [Rose Forrest]
Genre Superhero
Pencils Jackson Guice
Inks Jackson Guice
Colors Gloria Vasquez; Olyoptics (separations)

18 page Thorn story "Living on the Edge"

Characters Thorn [Rose Forrest]; Inspector Maggie Sawyer; Inspector Dan Turpin; Louie; VILLAINS: Vincent Dennis Adams; Mr. Orchid (behind the scenes); Eddie (intro); Charles "Chaz" McGinity (intro)
Synopsis The Thorn breaks into police headquarters to see if she can learn more information about The 100.
Genre Superhero
Script Roger Stern
Pencils Howard Simpson
Inks Mark Stegbauer
Colors Robbie Busch
Letters Ken Bruzenak
Editing Frank Pittarese
Notes Story is continued in SHOWCASE '95 #5. Rose & the Thorn created by Robert Kanigher & Ross Andru.

10 page Green Arrow story "Power Lunch"

Characters Green Arrow [Connor Hawke]; Eddie Fyers; Debby; VILLAINS: Rafe; Rafe's gang
Synopsis Connor and Eddie continue the hunt for Oliver Queen.
Genre Superhero
Script Chuck Dixon
Pencils Chris Renaud
Inks Ray McCarthy
Colors Lee Loughridge
Letters John Costanza
Editing Darren Vincenzo
Notes Story is continued in the pages of GREEN ARROW (DC, 1988 series).

10 page Catwoman story "Fear No Man"

Characters Catwoman [Selina Kyle]; VILLAINS: Hatchet (intro); Hatchet's henchmen (intro)
Synopsis Catwoman steals a valuable microfilm.
Genre Superhero
Script Deborah Pomerantz
Pencils Jim Balent
Inks Terry Austin
Colors Buzz Setzer
Letters Albert DeGuzman
Editing Jordan B. Gorfinkel

2 page Case Studies letters page "Case Studies"

Characters Spoiler; Firehawk; Thorn [Rose Forrest]
Script Jason Hernandez-Rosenblatt
Pencils Humberto Ramos
Inks Stan Woch
Colors Gloria Vasquez; Olyoptics (separations)
Letters typeset
Notes Letters from readers - Steven R. Simpkins, Harry Simon, Jeff Troutman, Tim Royer and Jim Kelley - and responses from Jason Hernandez-Rosenblatt. Preview of cover to SHOWCASE '95 #5.