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Issue Details

Issue #16
Published May-June 1954
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing ?
Notes Indicia says "Published bi-monthly".

Cover Details - "untitled"

Characters Lassie
Genre Animal
Pencils ? (painting)
Inks ? (painting)
Colors ? (painting)
Notes Indicia says "Published bi-monthly".

1 page text article "People of South America"

Synopsis Facts about the Gauchos of Argentina, the Pearl Divers of Venezuela, the Hat Weavers of Ecuador, and the Llanero of Colombia.
Genre Fact
Letters Typeset
Notes Inside front cover.

12 page Lassie story "Adrift on the Amazon"

Characters Lassie; Gerry; Rocky; Capitao Jorge; Timbu; Pedro; "senhor capitao" (unnamed river boat captain)
Synopsis Rocky, Gerry, Lassie, and Timbu set out on a mission to take photographs of the Amazon during the rainy season. Losing their canoe, they pitch camp on a small island, which later sets adrift down the river.
Genre Animal; Jungle
Letters Typeset

10 page Lassie story "The Legend of the Golden Mountain"

Characters LAssie; Gerry; Rocky; Timbu; José
Synopsis While Gerry and Rocky go to Goias for supplies, Timbu sets out on a search for a lost gold mine.
Genre Animal; Jungle
Letters Typeset

12 page Lassie story "The Wilderness Road"

Characters Lassie; Gerry; Rocky; Pedro Jara (secretary to the governor at Goias); Santos (chief engineer of the road); Sayao (bandit leader)
Synopsis Rocky is appointed supervisor of the road-building engineers. Sayao and his men try to sabotage construction of the road.
Genre Animal; Jungle
Letters Typeset
Notes Story ends on back cover. Inside back cover in black and white.