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Issue Details

Issue #90
Published September 1958
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 36
Editing ?

Cover Details - "Betty's hair is not tinged with red!"

Characters Reggie Mantle; Archie Andrews; Veronica Lodge; Betty Cooper
Genre teen; gags

6 page Archie story "Wile, Wile, Women"

Characters Archie Andrews; Fred Andrews; Mary Andrews; Veronica Lodge; Betty Cooper
Synopsis When Betty learns that Archie has to cancel his date with Veronica to work in his parents' garden, she rushes over to help him with his chores.
Genre teen

1 page Bunny filler "Skip Rope"

Characters Bunny
Genre gags

Half page Moose filler "Gas-tly Direction"

Characters Moose Mason
Genre gags

Half page Dilton Doily story "How much further to your local gas station, son?"

Characters Dilton Doily
Genre gags

2 page Katy Keene story "Marry me, Katy, and I'll buy you a new car for every day of the week!"

Characters Katy Keene; Randy Van Ronson; Sis
Synopsis Randy and Katy think about the cars they would buy if they were to be married.
Genre humor
Pencils Bill Woggon
Inks Bill Woggon
Notes Fashions and car designs contributed by Isabelle Koffler, Andrea Oberon, Roger Hammill, Nancy Deines, Harlan Jobe, Mary Hess, Charles Fetterman, Frances Babin, Howard Lee Dixon, Jane Cull and Suzanne Eisenberg.

Half page Katy Keene story "It's none of my business, Katy, but you've been going overboard for Randy Van Ronson lately!"

Characters Katy Keene; Sis; Bert
Genre gags
Pencils Bill Woggon
Inks Bill Woggon
Notes Logo and fashions contributed by Hannelore Zankrzewski.

2 page Katy Keene story "Katy's figure is so very cute"

Characters Katy Keene
Script Bunny Hartmann
Pencils Bill Woggon
Inks Bill Woggon
Notes A poem, contributed by fan Bunny Hartmann, illustrated by Bill Woggon. Fashions contributed by Obie Nichols, Trudy Konig, Adrienne gyongy, Carter Church and Verna Deen Kairis.

6 page Wilbur story "Bygone Beat"

Characters Wilbur; Alec; Pops; Laurie; Linda
Synopsis Wilbur and Alec switch the music in Pops' jukebox so that Pops can back up his boasts about his dancing ability.
Genre teen

2 page Archie Club News letters page "Archie Club News"

Letters typeset
Notes Letters from John Rodriguez, Jr., Linda Burke, Gilda Strickman, Patricia King, Rena Solomon and Patricia Ricchio with information on how to join the Archie Club.

1 page Betty and Veronica story "Something's Fishy!"

Characters Betty Cooper; Veronica Lodge; Reggie Mantle; Archie Andrews
Genre gags

3 page Li'l Jinx story "'The Little Saver'"

Characters Li'l Jinx; Li'l Jinx's father; Gregory
Synopsis At her father's insistence, Jinx gives away her various collections.
Genre children; humor
Script Joe Edwards
Pencils Joe Edwards
Inks Joe Edwards
Letters Joe Edwards

Half page Li'l Jinx Pen Pals letters page "Li'l Jinx Pen Pals"

Characters Li'l Jinx
Letters typeset
Notes A list of names and addresses of fans with an accompanying illustration.