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Issue Details

Issue #21
Published March 1950
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing ?

Cover Details

Characters Lone Ranger; Silver (horse)
Synopsis The Lone Ranger on a rearing Silver in the classic pose.
Genre western
Pencils ? (painting)
Inks ? (painting)
Colors ? (painting)
Notes First painted cover in this series. Cover has the "This is a King Feature" emblem.

1 page filler "The Passing of the American Buffalo"

Synopsis Facts about the American Buffalo.
Genre Western; fact
Script Gaylord DuBois
Pencils John Wade Hampton (signed)
Inks John Wade Hampton (signed)
Letters John Wade Hampton (signed)
Notes Inside front cover; black and white. Script credit from Robin Snyder, taken from Gaylord DuBois’ personal records.

39 page The Lone Ranger story "The Lone Ranger and The Plot to Kill Mr. Winters"

Characters Lone Ranger; Tonto; Silver (horse); Scout (horse)
Synopsis The Lone Ranger is mistaken for a crook who is trying to weaken a trestle so that a train carrying railroad official Winters will crash.
Genre western
Script Fran Striker?
Pencils Charles Flanders
Inks Charles Flanders
Notes Three tiers of panels per page.
Reprinted from The Lone Ranger (King Features Syndicate) 1947 and 1948 newspaper strips.

3 page text article "The Medicine Watch"

Characters Nelson Lee; Big Wolf (Comanche Indian); Rolling Thunder (Comanche Indian)
Synopsis The perils of Nelson Lee, who was captured by Comanches in Texas in 1855.
Genre western; fact
Script Carl Smith (credited)
Pencils Tom Hickey (signed)
Inks Tom Hickey (signed)
Letters typeset
Notes Text story with three illustrations.

5 page Young Hawk story "Canoeing on White Water"

Characters Young Hawk; Little Buck; White Fawn
Synopsis After escaping a bear that invaded their camp, Young Hawk, Little Buck, and White Fawn take their canoe through dangerous rapids.
Genre western
Script Gaylord DuBois
Pencils Tom Hickey (signed)
Inks Tom Hickey (signed)
Notes Part of a continuing storyline. Script credit from Robin Snyder, taken from Gaylord DuBois' personal records.

Half page promo (ad from the publisher) "Subscribe Now-Mail This Coupon Today"

Letters typeset
Notes Subscription form for Lone Ranger comics. No art.
Reprinted from Lone Ranger, The (Dell, 1948 series) #17

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "Free! Five Full Color Illustrations of Lone Ranger and Action!"

Characters Lone Ranger; Young Hawk (cameo)
Letters typeset
Notes Inside back cover; black and white. Illustrated promo for subscriptions to Dell’s Lone Ranger comic. Premium is five pinups of the Lone Ranger.
Reprinted from Lone Ranger, The (Dell, 1948 series) #17

1 page illustration "Warrior 1"

Synopsis Portrait of an Indian warrior.
Genre western
Pencils Mo Gollub?
Inks Mo Gollub?
Letters typeset
Notes Back cover. First in a series of portraits of unnamed Indian warriors.