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Issue Details

Issue #100
Published February 1949
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Virginia Provisiero

Cover Details

Characters Captain Marvel, Jr. [Freddy Freeman]
Genre superhero
Pencils Kurt Schaffenberger
Inks Kurt Schaffenberger

1 page credits "Contents Page"

9 page Captain Marvel, Jr. story "The Death Ship"

Characters Captain Marvel, Jr. [Freddy Freeman]
Genre superhero
Pencils Kurt Schaffenber
Inks Kurt Schaffenberger

7 page Nyoka story "The Headhunting Pygmies"

Genre jungle

7 page Bulletman story "The Curio Shop Murders"

Characters Bulletman [Jim Barr]; Bulletgirl [Susan Kent]; Frank Arby; Bates (death); Carter (death); Denise; Lieutenant Kent; Jim Barr; Susan Kent; Judge Rater
Synopsis Three of the four people in a partnership to own a curio shop throw out the fourth person who put up all of the money to buy the shop. Because there was no contract he can't do anything legally but he threatens to kill the other three. When two of them end up dead Bulletman and Bulletgirl must catch the killer before they can escape into Mexico.
Genre Superhero
Pencils Bill Ward
Inks Bill Ward
Reprinted in Golden-Age Men of Mystery (AC, 1996 series) #14 (1999) [in black and white]

2 page Vacuum Bloobstutter text story "Doctor In a Dither"

Characters Vacuum Bloobstutter
Genre humor
Script Rod Reed
Letters typeset

4 page Colonel Corn and Korny Kobb story "Ducks Deluxe"

Genre humor

4 page Kanvasback story "A Chump For the Champ"

Genre sports

8 page Tom Mix story "The Cattle Thieves In the Night"

Characters Tom Mix
Genre western
Pencils Carl Pfeufer
Inks John Jordan
Notes Carl Pfeufer pencil and John Jordan ink credits from Bill Black. Some Master Comics' Tom Mix stories were originally credited to Pete Riss. (May 15, 2005)