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Issue Details

Issue #31
Published May 1962
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.12 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee
Notes Distributed to newstands in February 1962. This issue includes 10 pages of paid advertisements. Distribution date from Joseph Marek's Marvel Comics Group history website.

Cover Details - "The Mummy's Secret!"

Genre monsters
Pencils Jack Kirby
Inks Dick Ayers
Reprinted in Where Creatures Roam (Marvel, 1970 series) #8 (September 1971)

7 page story "When the Mummy Walks"

Characters Paul Kentworth; Gloria Carstairs; Jason Wilkes
Synopsis An archaeologist uncovers an ancient mummy, which is actually an alien invader that locked itself in the pyramid. It bursts out, but it turns out that the mummy forgot that it sealed itself in to protect himself from Earth's atmosphere, which kills it.
Genre monsters
Pencils Jack Kirby
Inks Dick Ayers
Notes Narrated in the first person.
Reprinted in Where Creatures Roam (Marvel, 1970 series) #8 (September 1971); in Journey into Mystery (Marvel, 1972 series) #19 (October 1975)

1 page text story "The Strange Stone"

Characters Johnny
Synopsis Johnny finds a magic wishing stone, but wishes it away because magic would make life no fun.
Genre occult
Letters typeset
Notes The first page of this story is printed between the pages of "When the Mummy Walks", while the second page is printed between "The Man of Iron!" and "The Pretender!". The last page is split with the statement of ownership.
Reprinted from Journey Into Unknown Worlds (Marvel, 1951 series) #41 (January 1956)

6 page story "It Fell from the Flying Saucer!"

Synopsis An artist finds an alien pencil that will make whatever he draws real, but his selfish use of it makes the aliens take it back.
Genre science fiction
Pencils Jack Kirby
Inks Dick Ayers
Notes The last page includes an advertisement for Fantastic Four (Marvel, 1961 series), also drawn by Jack Kirby.
Reprinted in Fantasy Masterpieces (Marvel, 1966 series) #5 (October 1966); in Monsters on the Prowl (Marvel, 1971 series) #13 (October 1971); in Weird Wonder Tales (Marvel, 1973 series) #16 (June 1976)

5 page story "The Man of Iron!"

Characters Nastiwell Snide; Bela
Synopsis A rich weakling pays a witch to give him muscles of iron, but her spell makes him sink right through the earth's surface.
Genre occult
Script Stan Lee
Pencils Steve Ditko
Inks Steve Ditko
Notes The last page includes an advertisement for Amazing Adult Fantasy (Marvel, 1961 series), also by Lee and Ditko.
Reprinted in Crypt of Shadows (Marvel, 1973 series) #13 (October 1974)

Half page statement of ownership "Statement Required by the Act of August 24, 1912, as Amended by the Acts of March 3, 1933, July 2, 1946 and June 11, 1960 (74 Stat. 208)"

Letters typeset
Notes Average circulation per issue October 1960–September 1961 (issues #17–27, despite monthly cover dates): 184,895. This shares the last page of "The Strange Stone".

5 page story "The Pretender!"

Characters Stephen Dwane; Kusoom
Synopsis A man looking through an abandoned house find notes in an alien language. They tell of an alien shapeshifter disguised as a human to undermine Earth before an invasion, and are accompanied by a photograph of the alien's human form, Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev.
Genre science fiction
Pencils Paul Reinman
Inks Paul Reinman
Reprinted in Where Monsters Dwell (Marvel, 1970 series) #12 (November 1971)