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Issue Details

Issue #83
Published March 1947
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Editing Virginia Provisiero

Cover Details - "Captain Marvel and the Magic Locket"

Characters Captain Marvel; Sterling Morris
Genre superhero
Pencils C. C. Beck
Inks C. C. Beck

1 page filler "Contents Page"

9 page Captain Marvel story "The Magic Locket"

Genre superhero

Half page Wilbur the Waiter filler

Genre gag

4 page Pee Wee Pete story "The Elephant's Trunk"

Genre gag

Half page Doc Sorebones filler "Not a Bad Idea"

Genre gag

Half page The Culture Corner filler "How To Eat Crackers In Bed"

Characters Croucher K. Conk
Genre humor
Script Basil Wolverton
Pencils Basil Wolverton
Inks Basil Wolverton
Colors Basil Wolverton
Reprinted in Culture Corner, The (Fantagraphics, 2010 series) #[nn]

8 page Ibis the Invincible story "The Ghostly Cavalier"

Characters Ibis; Taia; V: Lord Loncreagh (I, D)
Synopsis In 1676, a Lord Loncreagh was killed defending his castle and swearing on his deathbed that no one but a true Loncreagh would ever own his castle. Now, in 1946, the current Lord Loncreagh is re-building the castle, but faces mysterious attempts to kill him. The answer is discovered by Ibis when he discovers that the current owner is not a true Loncreagh, but received his nobility from the King. Using the Ibistick, the Prince materializes the true Lord Loncreagh for a final confrontation.
Genre occult; superhero
Pencils Kurt Schaffenberger
Inks Kurt Schaffenberger
Reprinted in Men of Mystery Comics (AC, 1999 series) #61

2 page Wicky and O'Shawnessy text story "O'Shawnessy Sets a Record"

Script Rod Reed
Letters Typeset

7 page Crime Smasher story "Crime Smasher Goes For a Ride"

Genre detective
Pencils Ken Bald
Inks Ken Bald

Half page Judge Smudge filler

Genre gag

9 page Golden Arrow story "The Cow Boogie Man"

Genre western
Pencils Harry Parkhurst?
Inks Harry Parkhurst?