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Issue Details

Issue #42
Published September-October 1949
Cover Price 0.15 USD
Pages 76
Editing Whitney Ellsworth (credited); Jack Schiff (actual)

Cover Details - "The Wyoming Kid"

Characters Superman; Batman; Robin; the Wyoming Kid
Genre superhero
Pencils Wayne Boring (Superman); Win Mortimer (Batman & Robin); Howard Sherman (Wyoming Kid)
Inks Stan Kaye (Superman); Win Mortimer (Batman & Robin); Howard Sherman (Wyoming Kid)

12 page Superman story "The Alphabetical Animal Adventure"

Characters Superman; Lois Lane
Synopsis Aliens from Uranus come to Earth in flying saucers to collect two of every kind of animal, including humans.
Genre superhero
Pencils Al Plastino
Inks Al Plastino

1 page Little Pete filler "Big" Fish

Genre humor
Script Henry Boltinoff (signed)
Pencils Henry Boltinoff (signed)
Inks Henry Boltinoff (signed)
Letters Henry Boltinoff

10 page Green Arrow story "The Unknown Adventure"

Characters Green Arrow; Arrowplane
Synopsis Green Arrow goes to Mars!
Genre superhero
Script Otto Binder
Pencils George Papp
Inks George Papp

8 page Doc & Fatty story "The Knights of the Square Table"

Characters King Arthur
Genre humor; adventure
Pencils Howard Sherman
Inks Howard Sherman

9 page Wyoming Kid story "On the Vengeance Trail"

Genre western
Script Ryerson Johnson
Pencils Howard Sherman
Inks Howard Sherman
Notes confirmed by Ryerson Johnson to Craig Delich

4 page Gantry Daniels biography (nonfictional) "The Sun-Born Mountain Man"

Characters Gantry Daniels
Genre fact
Pencils Bruno Premiani
Inks Bruno Premiani
Notes biography of Gantry Daniels

6 page Zatara story "The Varmint and the Wizard"

Genre occult
Script Joe Samachson?
Pencils Joe Kubert
Inks Joe Kubert
Notes writer id by Bob Hughes

2 page text article "Cowhide In the Clouds"

Genre fact
Letters typeset

1 page Peter Porkchops public service announcement "Smokey the Bear Comes to The Rescue"

Characters Smokey the Bear
Script Jack Schiff
Pencils Otto Feuer ?
Inks Otto Feuer ?

13 page Batman story "The Amazing Adventure of Batman and Marco Polo"

Characters Batman; Carter Nichols; Marco Polo
Genre superhero
Script Bill Finger
Pencils Jim Mooney
Inks Jim Mooney
Notes a time-travel tale. Writer verified by Martin O'Hearn.