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Issue Details

Issue #9
Published February-March 1950
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Richard E. Hughes
Notes Indicia states "published bi-monthly... by B. & I. Publishing Co. Inc."

Cover Details - "Snow Monster"

Genre Horror
Pencils Edvard Moritz
Inks Edvard Moritz
Notes Indicia states "published bi-monthly... by B. & I. Publishing Co. Inc."

7 page story "Shadow of the Panther"

Synopsis Robert Lewis comes up with a spray to bring things back from the dead, but when they do come back, they change form. A panther becomes a woman that he wants to marry, but he finds out that she never really stopped being a panther!
Genre Horror
Pencils Max Elkan
Inks Max Elkan

1 page text story "No Answer"

Synopsis Vinny kills a man, then gets a phone call through a disconnected phone.
Genre Horror
Letters Typeset

8 page story "The Thing At the Bottom of the Sea"

Characters John Mitchell; Undine
Synopsis John Mitchell dives for gold, but finds a woman named Undine who haunts him for 50 years instead.
Genre Horror
Pencils Charlie Sultan
Inks Charlie Sultan

1 page letters page "Let's Talk It Over"

Synopsis Two letters and the winners of a writing contest are announced, including Nelson Bridwell, who's 3rd place story is in this issue.

1 page True Ghosts story "Haunted Boy"

Synopsis A Washington, D.C. boy is thrown around and noises follow him
Genre Horror; Fact
Pencils John Celardo
Inks John Celardo

7 page story "When the Shaman Walked"

Synopsis A night-watchman in a museum and his niece are protected from crooks by a statue of a Siberian Shaman.
Genre Horror
Pencils John Belfi (signed)
Inks John Belfi (signed)
Reprinted in Haunted Tales (K. G. Murray, 1973 series) #12

1 page text story "The Gray One"

Synopsis Frank Clinton goes out hunting and kills a wolf that had been terrorizing a small French village, but when he gets home, the head of the wolf that he had kept as a trophy has turned into a human head.
Genre Horror
Script E. Nelson Bridwell [as Nelson Bridwell]
Letters Typeset
Notes Nelson Bridwell won third prize in a writing contest and had this story published. Most likely this is his earliest comic book work (approximately 19 years old).

7 page story "The Spirit of Frankenstein [Part 4]"

Genre Horror
Pencils Charlie Sultan
Inks Charlie Sultan

Half page text story "Clouded Crystal"

Genre Horror
Letters Typeset

Half page Statement of Ownership text article "Statement of Ownership"

Synopsis No circulation figures. Owners are B. W. Sangor and Frederick H. Iger.

5 page Adventures into the Unknown story "The Man In the Mirror"

Synopsis A "crackpot" comes to the offices of Adventures Into The Unknown and forces the editor into a mirror world.
Genre Horror
Pencils R. S. Pious [as R.S.P.]
Inks R. S. Pious [as R.S.P.]

1 page True Ghosts of History story "The Poet Who Returned From The Dead"

Characters Dante
Synopsis Dante returns as a ghost to tell where the 13th canto is.
Genre Horror; Fact
Inks John Celardo

8 page story "The Boy Who Could Fly"

Synopsis Bobby Wilson learns he can fly, a gift from his father.
Genre Fantasy
Pencils Bob Jenney
Inks Bob Jenney

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "Throw Up Your Hands!"

Synopsis Ad for Blazing West #9 including a picture of the cover.
Notes Inside back cover.