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Issue Details

Issue #49
Published September 1966
Frequency seven times a year in February, April, June, August, September, October and December
Cover Price 0.12 USD
Pages 36
Editing ?

Cover Details

Characters Captain Sprocket
Genre humor; superhero

1 page Table of Nonsense foreword, introduction, preface, afterword

Characters Captain Sprocket; Black Demon
Genre humor; superhero
Notes Inside front cover.

1 page Good Guy Section filler

Characters Captain Sprocket
Genre gag

6 page Captain Sprocket story "Zero's Zeal"

Characters Captain Sprocket; Super Zero; Cosmo Cosmic; Purple Flash; Super Goodness; Archie Andrews (Cameo; on bubblegum card); Jughead (cameo; on bubblegum card); Betty (cameo; on bubblegum card)
Synopsis Captain Sprocket helps Super Zero discover his true super powers.
Genre humor; superhero

1 page filler "Space Visitors"

Synopsis Aliens try to figure out Earth people.
Genre gag

6 page Horse Man story "Horse Man"

Characters Horseman [Rhodney J. Sidesaddle]; Fishface; Mary
Synopsis When Fishface robs a bank it's up to Horseman to track him down.
Genre humor; superhero

1 page filler "A Mad House Toe Tale"

Characters Myron; Willie; Ziblick the Martian
Synopsis Ziblick can "hang twenty" while surfing.
Genre gag

6 page story "Razzle Dazzle"

Characters Super Dazzle; Joe Slushwell; Leprechaun
Synopsis A Leprechaun turns Slushwell into his hero Super Dazzle for 24 hours.
Genre humor; superhero

1 page filler "Dog Gone"

Characters Glopso
Synopsis A martian dog is a giant and so are his fleas.
Genre gag

1 page Bad Guy Section filler

Characters Super Jaywalker; Super Beatnik; Super Litterer
Genre Gag

6 page Sabrina story "Go-Go Gaga"

Characters Sabrina; "Baldy" Johnson; Skinflint
Synopsis Skinflint tries to shut down the teens dance club so they will be forced to come to his dance club.
Genre Humor

1 page story "Prize Size"

Genre gag
Notes Inside back cover.