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Issue Details

Issue #3
Published March 1952
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee
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Cover Details - "The Thing That Waited!"

Pencils Joe Maneely
Inks Joe Maneely

5 page story "A Shriek in the Night!"

Synopsis A man becomes the victim of underground creatures who abduct humans in order to study them so as to prepare for an invasion.
Pencils Werner Roth
Inks Werner Roth

2 page text story "The War of the Worlds"

Characters Jonathan Ditmar
Synopsis When hostile aliens come to Earth of the future they are persuaded not to enslave humanity because of Earth's music.
Genre science fiction
Letters typeset
Reprinted in Marvel Tales (Marvel, 1949 series) #112 (March 1953) [as "The Conquerors!!"]; in Mystery Tales (Marvel, 1952 series) #26 (February 1955) [as "From Outer Space"]

5 page story "The Thing That Waited!"

Synopsis Stalin and Soviet troops stand revealed as shape-shifting alien invaders.
Script Joe Maneely
Pencils Joe Maneely
Inks Joe Maneely

3 page story "Nothing Can Stop Me"

Synopsis A weak man takes an experimental strength serum derived from a gorilla to impress a girl, but it transforms him into a gorilla completely.
Pencils Bill Walton
Inks Bill Walton

4 page story "The Quiet Men"

Synopsis Martians encounter a 'ghost ship' from Earth which is a bomber responsible for dropping the bomb that initiated an atomic holocaust on Earth.
Pencils Harry Lazarus ?
Inks Harry Lazarus ?
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6 page story "The Empty City"

Synopsis A reporter stumbles upon aliens who are taking the place of humans. He tries to give the story to his editor, but his editor is one of...them.
Pencils Bob Fujitani
Inks Bob Fujitani