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Issue Details

Issue #29
Published May 1954
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee

Cover Details - "Bone Dry!"

Pencils Joe Maneely; Carl Burgos (layout) ?
Inks Joe Maneely
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5 page story "The Two-Timer"

Synopsis A man kills his wife and poses her body to make it appear that she committed suicide by gas inhalation but the police arrest him for murder because the gas company had cut off service for non-payment of the bill.
Genre Horror

2 page text story "Green Death"

Notes Job number suggests a reprint from an unknown source.

5 page story "Eternal Life!"

Synopsis A Martian suckers Earth people into exchanging planets because Mars is doomed to be struck by an incoming asteroid.
Genre Horror
Pencils Bill Savage
Inks Bill Savage

4 page story "The Locked Door"

Synopsis A grave robber is accosted by the ghosts of his victims.
Genre Horror
Pencils Al Eadeh
Inks Al Eadeh

4 page story "Bone Dry"

Synopsis When a would-be native tyrant holds the location of a spring as a means of power for seizing chief status of his drought-stricken village, the villagers neglect to tell him of an incoming tidal wave and thus he perishes.
Genre Horror
Pencils Myron Fass
Inks Myron Fass

5 page story "Indestructible!"

Synopsis A man travels into the past to escape bugs but present-day humans are unable to open the capsule. The future bugs have even gotten into the time machine, however, and they succeed in opening it and pouring into the present day.
Genre Horror
Pencils Hy Rosen
Inks Hy Rosen