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Issue Details

Issue #16
Published Summer 1945
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Editing Vince Fago

Cover Details

Pencils Alex Schomburg
Inks Alex Schomburg

12 page Sub-Mariner story "The Fabulous Racket"

Characters Sub-Mariner [Namor] Vincent (first appearance; villain)
Synopsis Namor substitutes as a speedboat to go water-skiing for one of Betty Dean's newspaper friends when suddenly the man's skis explode, killing him. Namor realizes that they have been treated with a chemical which becomes explosive when left in the sun for long periods of time and tracks down those responsible as a numbers racket that the newspaperman was closing in on.
Genre superhero
Pencils Allen Simon
Inks Allen Simon

7 page Human Torch story "The Bloody Assassin"

Characters Human Torch; Herr Loeder (first appearance; villain); Franz (first appearance; villain); Fritz (first appearance; villain); other Nazi spies (first appearance; villains); Gen. Mershing (first appearance)
Genre superhero
Pencils Al Gabriele?
Inks Al Gabriele?

16 page Captain America story "The Mystery of the Floating City"

Characters I: Lyander; V: The Nazis
Genre superhero
Pencils Vince Alascia
Notes Inks credits originally given to Mike Sekowsky in error (per Tony Isabella, March 30, 2006)

2 page text story "A Prince of a Guy"

Letters typeset

6 page Whizzer story "Meteor III"

Characters Whizzer [Jack Robinson]; Dr. Throttle (first appearance; villain); Flash (first appearance; villain)
Genre superhero
Pencils Louis Ferstadt
Inks Louis Ferstadt
Notes Whizzer's secret i.d. is now "Jack Robinson".