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Issue Details

Issue #14
Published February 1943
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 68
Editing M C Gaines (managing); Sheldon Mayer (editor); Ted Udall, Dorothy Rubicek (assistants)

Cover Details

Characters Wonder Woman
Genre superhero
Pencils Harry G. Peter (signed)
Inks Harry G. Peter
Reprinted in Wonder Woman Archives (DC, 1998 series) #2

13 page Wonder Woman story "The Fir Tree's Story"

Characters Wonder Woman; Fir Balsam (intro, a talking tree); Babs and Teddy Carter; Jeb and Nan Carter; Fritz Krieg (villain); Carl Natz (Intro for both); Nazis; Steve Trevor
Genre superhero
Script William Moulton Marston [as Charles Moulton]
Pencils Harry G. Peter (signed)
Inks Harry G. Peter
Reprinted in Wonder Woman Archives (DC, 1998 series) #2; in Limited Collectors' Edition (DC, 1972 series) #C-43

8 page Black Pirate and Son story "England"

Characters Jon Valor; Justin Valor; Despard (Intro, villain); Virginia
Genre period
Pencils Sheldon Moldoff (signed)
Inks Sheldon Moldoff
Notes art corrections by Craig Delich 7/05

1 page Flying Colors filler "U. S. Naval Deaths"

Genre fact
Script John M. Jenks (signed)
Pencils Martin Naydel (signed)
Inks Martin Naydel

7 page Picture Stories from the Bible story "The Story of David"

Genre religious
Script Montgomery Mulford
Pencils Don Cameron
Inks Don Cameron
Notes Credits from Picture Stories from the Bible #2.
Reprinted from Picture Stories from the Bible [Old Testament] (DC, 1942 series) #2

4 page O'Malley of the Fourth Precinct story "The Problem of Pomeroy Pratt"

Characters John O'Malley; Mr. and Mrs. Pomeroy Pratt, Jr.; Pomeroy Pratt III
Genre detective
Script Irwin Hasen (signed)
Pencils Irwin Hasen (signed)
Inks Irwin Hasen

7 page Mr. Terrific story "Framed!"

Characters Mr. Terrific; Wanda Wilson; Jason Bleek (Intro, villain); Mr. Bleek (intro)
Genre superhero
Script Ted Udall (signed)
Pencils Chuck Winter (Signed)
Inks Chuck Winter (signed)

2 page Hal Mason text story "The Little Girl's Secret"

Genre adventure
Script Evelyn Gaines
Letters typeset

6 page Little Boy Blue story "Warning That Didn't Work"

Characters Little Boy Blue; Toughy; Tubby; Dan Rogers; Quincy Winbetter (villain); Gorilla (Intro for both)
Genre superhero; children
Pencils Jon Blummer?
Inks Jon Chester Kozlak
Notes ink credit by Jerry Bails

1 page Victory Puzzles activity

Script A. W. Nugent (signed)
Pencils A. W. Nugent (signed)
Inks A. W. Nugent

10 page Wildcat story "He's Going To Knock Himself Out!"

Characters Wildcat; Stretch Skinner; Gunnsy Gerber (Intro, villain); Fancy Fuston; Joan Fortune; Guinevere Van Voop
Synopsis Stretch has to arrange a title bout between Ted Grant and Wildcat!
Genre superhero
Pencils Irwin Hasen
Inks Jon Chester Kozlak