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Issue Details

Issue #43
Published July 1945
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 52
Editing M C Gaines (managing) Sheldon Mayer (editor), Julius Schwartz, Ted Udall (assistants)
Notes All-American bullet on cover

Cover Details

Characters Wonder Woman [Diana Prince]
Genre superhero
Pencils Harry G. Peter [as H. G. Peter] (signed)
Inks Harry G. Peter [as H. G. Peter] (signed)
Notes All-American bullet on cover
Reprinted in Wonder Woman Archives (DC, 1998 series) #6 (2010)

12 page Wonder Woman story "Three Pretty Girls"

Characters Wonder Woman [Diana Prince]; Lillie Heyday (introduction); Tillie Heyday (introduction); Millie Heyday (introduction); Grandma Heyday; Etta Candy; Holliday Girls; Steve Trevor; Joel Heyday (villain, introduction)
Synopsis Etta decides to "punish" new sophmores to Holliday Collehe during "baby week" because of rules infractions, and said punishment is to occur at the eerie Ghost House......with shocking results!
Genre superhero
Script Joye Murchison ?
Pencils Harry G. Peter [as H. G. Peter] (signed)
Inks Harry G. Peter [as H. G. Peter] (signed)
Notes Credits by Jerry Bails. Spelling of Murchison's first name corrected from Joyce to Joye by Craig Delich, verified by the Murchison family.
Reprinted in Wonder Woman Archives (DC, 1998 series) #6 (2010)

6 page Little Boy Blue story "Ride 'Im, Cowboy!"

Characters Little Boy Blue [Tommy Rogers]; Toughy; Tubby; Spats Morgan (introduction); Alby
Genre superhero; children
Pencils Frank Harry
Inks Frank Harry

2 page Picture Stories From American History story "The Story of Pennsylvania"

Characters William Penn
Genre fact
Script M. C. Gaines
Pencils Don Cameron
Inks Don Cameron
Notes Credits by Jerry Bails and Craig Delich. Copyright 1945 by M.C.Gaines.

6 page The Whip story "Who Dood It On the Dude Ranch?"

Characters The Whip [Rodney Gaynor]; Marisa Dillon; Montmorecy Morebucks III (introduction); Butch and his gang (villains)
Genre superhero
Pencils Homer Fleming (signed)
Inks Homer Fleming (signed)
Notes Previous appearance in Flash Comics #55, next appearance in All-Star Squadron #31.

2 page text story "Hidden Loot"

Genre adventure
Script Jim Robinson (signed)
Letters typeset

6 page Mr. Terrific story "The Crimes That Couldn't Work"

Characters Mr. Terrific [Terry Sloane]; Herman Strong (villain, introduction)
Synopsis Herman Strong can't sell his stories because the crimes are too unbelievable, so he tries to commit them for real.
Genre superhero
Pencils Stan Aschmeier [as Stan Josephs] (signed)
Inks Stan Aschmeier [as Stan Josephs] (signed)

8 page Wildcat story "The Man Who Worked For Nothing"

Characters Wildcat [Ted Grant]; Stretch Skinner; Elmer B. Corn; the "little man"; Ferret E. Corn; Cameo Kirby
Genre superhero
Pencils Joe Gallagher
Inks Joe Gallagher
Notes data by Jerry Bails, except characters