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Issue Details

Issue #86
Published February 1949
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Whitney Ellsworth (credited); Robert Kanigher (Actual)

Cover Details - "Secret of the Amazing Bracelets"

Characters Wonder Woman
Genre superhero
Pencils Harry G. Peter
Inks Harry G. Peter

12 page Wonder Woman story "The Secret of the Amazing Bracelets"

Characters Wonder Woman; C. O. Lector (Intro, Villain); Etta Candy; Holiday Girls; Steve Trevor; Amazonita; Paula von Gunther
Synopsis C. O. Lector collects bracelets of famous women, and needs Wonder Woman's for his collection.
Genre superhero
Script Bob Kanigher
Pencils Harry G. Peter (signed)
Inks Harry G. Peter
Letters Jim Wroten; Margaret Wroten

8 page Lady Danger story "The Case of the Conscientious Shoplifter"

Characters Lady Danger [Valerie Vaughn]; Lew Brownlee
Synopsis Lew Brownlee, a kleptomaniac, hires Valerie to keep him from stealing anything.
Genre adventure
Pencils Bob Oksner
Inks Bernard Sachs

Half page statement of ownership

Script Jack Liebowitz
Letters typeset
Notes F. W. Ellsworth editor National Comics 486 Lexington Ave New York, 17 NY Harry Donenfeld, Jack Liebowitz, P. Sampliner, Gussie Donenfeld, Rose Liebowitz, Sophie Sampliner, Irwin Donenfeld, Sonia Donenfeld, Frederick H. Iger, Arlene J. Donenfeld.

6 page Willy Nilly story "Well, Willy Nilly, you're just the one I wanted..."

Genre humor
Pencils Frank Harry
Inks Frank Harry

4 page Wonder Women of History biography (nonfictional) "Kathleen Blake Coleman"

Genre Fact; Biography
Pencils Paul Reinman
Inks Paul Reinman

5 page Atom story "The Undersea Raiders"

Characters Atom [Al Pratt]; Mary James
Genre superhero
Pencils Jon Kozlak
Inks Joe Giella ?
Notes previous appearance in FLASH COMICS #104; next appearance in ALL-STAR COMICS #45

2 page text story "Year In, Year Out"

Script Ted Udall
Pencils Raymond Perry
Inks Raymond Perry
Colors Raymond Perry
Letters typeset

7 page Wildcat story "The Heavyweight Robberies"

Characters Wildcat; Stretch Skinner; Ollie Smith; Dovor
Genre superhero
Reprinted Ollie Smith thinks Wildcat knows where the jewels are hidden. But Wildcat doesn't.