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Issue Details

Issue #17
Published September 1941
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Vincent Sullivan

Cover Details

Genre superhero; crime
Pencils Mart Bailey
Inks Mart Bailey

1 page Mortimer the Monk story "Hey Spots! Crawl in here!"

Genre humor

8 page The Face story "The Millionaire Killer"

Genre superhero; crime
Script Gardner Fox? [as Michael Blake]
Pencils Mart Bailey
Inks Mart Bailey

6 page Captain Devildog of the U.S. Marines story "Fight for Alaska"

Genre adventure

1 page Kid Stuff filler "Hey mister! Would you sprinkle my lawn a bit?"

Genre gag; humor
Script Albert Chartier?
Pencils Albert Chartier
Inks Albert Chartier

5 page Sparky Watts story "The Shrinking Man"

Genre humor
Script Boody Rogers
Pencils Boody Rogers
Inks Boody Rogers

6 page Joe Palooka story "Knobby's Memory"

Genre humor
Script Ham Fisher
Pencils Ham Fisher
Inks Ham Fisher

6 page Rocky Ryan story "The Rajah's Double"

Genre adventure
Script Gardner Fox?
Pencils Ogden Whitney?
Inks Ogden Whitney?

2 page Oliver Drab story "Dawggonit! The officers..."

Genre humor
Pencils Ray McGill
Inks Ray McGill

4 page Charlie Chan story "The Frame-Up"

Genre detective
Script Alfred Andriola?
Pencils Alfred Andriola
Inks Alfred Andriola

2 page Dixie Dugan story "Cottage at the Beach"

Genre humor
Script J.P. McEvoy
Pencils John Striebel
Inks John Striebel

6 page Marvelo, Monarch of Magicians story "Invasion of Brahama"

Genre fantasy
Script Gardner Fox?

2 page text story "Jibby Jones' Swimming Pool"

Genre humor
Letters typeset
Notes story has 2 spot illustrations

6 page Spy-Chief story "The Toy Airplane"

Genre spy
Pencils Mart Bailey
Inks Mart Bailey

11 page Skyman story "Tidal Wave"

Genre superhero
Script Gardner Fox?
Pencils Ogden Whitney
Inks Ogden Whitney