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Issue Details

Issue #58
Published April 1950
Frequency bi-monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Victor Fox ?
Notes With this issue "Dan Garrett" becomes "Dan Garret" again, and "Mike Manigan" becomes "Mike Mannigan". Indicia: BLUE BEETLE, April 1950, No. 58. Published bi-monthly by Fox Feature Syndicate, Inc., 221 Conyngham Ave., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Executive offices at 60 E. 42nd St., New York 17, N. Y. Application for entry as second class matter pending. Price 10ยข per copy. Yearly subscriptions, in the United States and its possessions, Mexico, South America, Spain, 75c including postage. $1.50 elsewhere. The publisher accepts no responsibility for unsolicited material. Copyright 1950 by Fox Feature Syndicate, Inc. Contents must not be reproduced without permission. Any similarity between any of the names of persons or places appearing in this magazine (except those based on history or fact) with actual persons or places is not intended and is purely coincidental. Printed in U.S.A.

Cover Details - "Blue Beetle Returns!!"

Characters Blue Beetle [Dan Garret]

10 page Blue Beetle story "The Power of the Press"

Characters Blue Beetle [Dan Garret]; Mike Mannigan; Joan Mason; Dr. Kranz
Synopsis Dan Garret (and the Blue Beetle) return after a nearly two year absence, during which Dan did overseas work for the government. His friends Mike, Joan and Dr. Kranz are all happy to have him back. But Joan's boss is soon in danger from his estranged son, who needs money to pay his shady connections.
Genre superhero
Notes The first page of this story is printed on the inside front cover in blue duotone.

10 page Blue Beetle story "Appointment With Death"

Characters Blue Beetle [Dan Garret]; Mike Mannigan; Joan Mason
Synopsis Dan Garret overhears a plot to kill a professor working on atomic secrets in the subway, and must save both the Professor and Joan as the Blue Beetle.
Genre superhero

2 page text story "The Shattered Alibi"

Letters typeset

9 page Blue Beetle story "Sink That Ball"

Characters Blue Beetle [Dan Garret]; Mike Mannigan; Joan Mason; Dr. Kranz (off-panel)
Synopsis The Blue Beetle helps a high school basketball player who is being blackmailed into throwing the championship game.
Genre superhero
Notes The Blue Beetle has "electronic hearing", x-ray vision and super breath in this story.

1 page Hair Research Co. New and Improved Amazing Scientific Hair Research Formula advertisement "Save Your Hair"

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1 page The Fiction Book Club "The Wrath and the Wind" and "Bonanza Queen" advertisement "Yours! These 2 great new best-sellers Both Free"

Synopsis "The Wrath and the Wind": What wild terror had made Zelda a mute... and why was this high-born beauty SOLD to the highest bidder? "Bonanza Queen": She hated the one man who dared to give her orders until that strange and unforgettable climax when Her Hate Turned to Love.
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1 page Florida Fashions advertisement "Look! - Its True! 1950's Most Beautiful Cottons ... Cost You Less!"

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Notes Inside back cover.

1 page Adjust-O-Belt Co. Up-Lift Adjust-O-Belt advertisement "Have a Slimmer, Youthful, Feminine Appearance Instantly!"

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Notes Back cover.