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Issue #26
Published May 1943
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Stan Lee?

Cover Details

Genre superhero
Pencils Alex Schomburg
Inks Alex Schomburg

25 page Captain America story "The Princess of the Atom: Part II"

Characters V: Togaro (D)
Synopsis Cap and Bucky avoid the acid by changing size and then board a size change ship which takes them to Mita, the microworld. Unknown to Bucky, a shrunken Togaro has hitched a ride on his cuff. He plots to use his own size change ship to destroy Mita and take his men back to Earth for conquest. He causes his size change ship to grow so large that it throws Mita out of its orbit into the sun. The population panics, but Cap uses their size change ship to grow large enough to house them and they pursue Togaro back to Earth. Cap and Bucky take enough of the enlarging drug to defeat Togaro and his giants.
Genre superhero
Script Ray Cummings
Pencils Syd Shores
Inks Vince Alascia
Notes continued from last issue; adapted from PRINCESS OF THE ATOM

7 page Human Torch story "Deposits of Death"

Characters V: Herr Von Richter (I, D)
Genre superhero
Pencils Harry Sahle
Inks Al Bellman

2 page text story "Bonus To Boot"

Letters typeset

24 page Captain America story "The Russian Hell-Hole"

Characters Captain America [Steve Rogers]
Genre superhero
Pencils Syd Shores
Inks Vince Alascia

4 page Secret Stamp story "The Ration Book Counterfeits"

Pencils Jack Alderman
Inks Jack Alderman