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Issue Details

Issue #57
Published July 1946
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Stan Lee

Cover Details

Characters Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Bucky [James Buchanan Barnes]
Genre superhero
Pencils Vince Alascia
Inks Vince Alascia

13 page Captain America story "Death On the Downbeat"

Characters I: The Crooner; V: The Crooner's double (I) and Doc (I)
Synopsis A criminal alters his looks so that he resembles a popular singer. The singer's doctor carries him around in a large instrument case and lets him out to rob audiences. They do this to establish an alibi for the theft. The women tell the police that they were robbed by the singer, and yet the singer was onstage at the time. The doctor gives the police some psychobabble about how the women are deeply influenced by the singer and they imagine him to be the thief and the police buy into this story and release him. When Cap and Bucky confront the doctor on a train, the duplicate tosses a knife in close quarters combat and the doctor takes it in the back. Cap hands the duplicate over to the police.
Genre superhero
Pencils Al Avison
Inks Jim Mooney

9 page Captain America story "The Monkeys' Curse"

Characters I: Bill Summers
Genre superhero
Pencils Vince Alascia
Inks Vince Alascia

2 page text story "Date With Danger"

Letters typeset

7 page Human Torch story "The House That Haunts"

Genre superhero
Script Bill Finger?
Pencils Carmine Infantino
Inks Carmine Infantino

1 page Let's Play Detective story "Passport To Murder"

Genre detective
Pencils Al Bellman?
Inks Al Bellman?

12 page Captain America story "Beware the Medicine Man"

Characters Captain America [Steve Rogers]
Genre superhero
Script Bill Finger?
Pencils Bob Powell
Inks George Klein?