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Issue Details

Issue #6
Published November 1938
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Oskar Lebeck
Notes Entire contents copyright 1935, 1936, 1937 and 1938 by Publishers Syndicate Inc., NEA Service, Inc. Bell Syndicate, Inc., Chicago Tribune-N. Y. News Syndicate, Inc. and Stephen Slesinger. Distributed by American News Company, N. Y.

Cover Details

Synopsis children playing football
Genre Humor
Pencils Win Smith?
Inks Win Smith?

5 page Dan Dunn story

Genre Drama
Script Norman Marsh
Pencils Norman Marsh
Inks Norman Marsh
Reprinted from Dan Dunn (Humor Publishing Co.) ? - ?

4 page Capt. Frank Hawks-- Air Ace story

Pencils Alden McWilliams
Inks Alden McWilliams

4 page Freckles and His Friends story

Genre humor
Script Merrill Blosser
Pencils Merrill Blosser
Inks Merrill Blosser
Reprinted from Freckles and His Friends (Newspaper Enterprise Association) ? - ?

5 page Myra North story

Genre Adventure
Script Ray Thompson
Pencils Charles Coll
Inks Charles Coll
Reprinted from Myra North, Special Nurse (Newspaper Enterprise Association) ? - ?

3 page Talking Shop story

Genre humor
Script J. R. Williams
Pencils J. R. Williams
Inks J. R. Williams
Reprinted from ? [newspaper strip reprints]

4 page Buck Jones story "Killers of Crooked Butte (continued)"

Genre Western
Script Ken Ernst
Pencils Ken Ernst
Inks Ken Ernst

4 page Apple Mary and Dennie story

Genre Drama
Script Martha Orr
Pencils Martha Orr
Inks Martha Orr
Reprinted from Apple Mary (Publishers Syndicate) ? - ?

1 page Flapper Fanny story

Genre Teen; Drama
Script Gladys Parker [as Sylvia]
Pencils Gladys Parker [as Sylvia]
Inks Gladys Parker [as Sylvia]
Notes The top half of three pages.
Reprinted from ?

1 page Annibelle story

Script Virgina Krausmann
Pencils Virginia Krausmann (signed)
Inks Virginia Krausmann (signed)
Notes The bottom half of three pages.

3 page Clyde Beatty story

Genre Adventure
Pencils Al Lewin
Inks Al Lewin

4 page Jaragu and the Lost Islands text story "Chapter 5"

Genre Jungle; Adventure
Letters typeset

3 page Major Hoople story

Genre humor
Pencils Gene Ahern
Inks Gene Ahern
Reprinted from Major Hoople (Newspaper Enterprise Association) ? - ?

5 page Wash Tubbs story

Genre Adventure
Script Roy Crane
Pencils Roy Crane
Inks Roy Crane
Reprinted from Wash Tubbs (Newspaper Enterprise Association) ? - ?

4 page Don Winslow story

Genre Adventure; War
Script Frank V. Martinek
Pencils Leon A. Beroth
Inks Leon A. Beroth
Reprinted from Don Winslow of the Navy (Bell Syndicate) ? - ?

4 page Tom Mix story "The Canyon of Lost Trails"

Genre Western
Script Al Lewin
Pencils Al Lewin
Inks Al Lewin

4 page Boots story

Genre humor
Script Edgar Everett Martin
Pencils Edgar Everett Martin
Inks Edgar Everett Martin
Reprinted from Boots and Her Buddies (Newspaper Enterprise Association) ? - ?

2 page The Nebbs story

Genre humor
Script Sol Hess
Pencils W. A. Carlson
Inks W. A. Carlson
Reprinted from The Nebbs (Bell Syndicate) ? - ?

4 page Tom Traylor- G-Man X-32 story "Against the Spy Ring"

Pencils James Gary
Inks James Gary

1 page promo (ad from the publisher)

Synopsis full page promo for Super Comics
Notes inside back cover