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Issue Details

Issue #20
Published February 1940
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Oskar Lebeck
Notes copyright 1936-1939 by NEA Service, Inc.; 1938 by Bell Syndicate, Inc.; 1938 by Publisher's Syndicate, Inc.; 1939 by R. S. Callander; 1939 by Stephen Slesinger; 1939 by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. and 1939 by Famous Artists Syndicate, Inc. Distributed by American News Company.

Cover Details

Genre Adventure; War
Pencils Leon A. Beroth
Inks Leon A. Beroth

1 page In This Corner filler "Jimmy Dykes the little man with the big cigar..."

Genre Sports; Fact
Script Art Krenz (signed)
Pencils Art Krenz (signed)
Inks Art Krenz (signed)
Notes On inside front cover in red & black.

4 page Don Winslow story "Warned by sight of a drifting mine..."

Genre Adventure; War
Script Frank V. Martinek (signed)
Pencils Leon A. Beroth
Inks Leon A. Beroth
Notes copyright 1938 by the Bell Syndicate, Inc.
Reprinted from Don Winslow of the Navy (Bell Syndicate) ? - ?

6 page Ed Tracer G-Man X32 story Ed Tracer "G" Man X-32 vs Scarly

Genre Detective
Pencils Bill Baltz (signed)
Inks Bill Baltz (signed)
Notes copyright 1939 by Stephen Slesinger

8 page Stratosphere Jim and His Flying Fortress story "Having invented a super-plane..."

Genre Adventure
Pencils Al McWilliams
Inks Al McWilliams
Notes copyright 1939 by R. S. Callender

5 page Wash Tubbs story "The Topsy Turvy night club..."

Genre Adventure
Script Roy Crane
Pencils Roy Crane (signed)
Inks Roy Crane (signed)
Notes copyright 1938 by NEA Service, Inc.
Reprinted from Wash Tubbs (Newspaper Enterprise Association) ? - ?

3 page Freckles and His Friends story "Freckles, Tag, Ossie, and Nutty after helping Mr. Bridges..."

Genre Adventure; Humor
Script Merrill Blosser
Pencils Merrill Blosser (signed)
Inks Merrill Blosser (signed)
Notes copyright 1938 by NEA Service, Inc.
Reprinted from Freckles and His Friends (Newspaper Enterprise Association) ? - ?

4 page Dan Dunn story "Dan Dunn has been assigned to a smuggling case..."

Genre Detective
Script Norman Marsh
Pencils Norman Marsh (signed)
Inks Norman Marsh (signed)
Notes copyright 1938 by Publishers Syndicate, Inc.
Reprinted from Dan Dunn (Humor Publishing Co.) ? - ?

7 page Red Ryder story "Answering the appeal of a prospector..."

Genre Western
Script Fred Harmon
Pencils Fred Harman (signed)
Inks Fred Harman (signed)
Notes copyright 1939 by NEA Service, Inc.
Reprinted from Red Ryder (Newspaper Enterprise Association) ? - ?

4 page Myra North story "Whitey and Jack arrived..."

Pencils Ray Thompson?
Inks Ray Thompson?
Notes copyright 1938 by NEA Sevice, Inc.
Reprinted from Myra North, Special Nurse (Newspaper Enterprise Association) ? - ?

6 page Clyde Beatty story "Home at last! Clyde's ship docks..."

Genre Adventure
Pencils Jim Chambers
Inks Jim Chambers
Notes copyright 1939 by Famous Artists Syndicate, Inc.
Reprinted from Clyde Beatty (Famous Artists Syndicate) ? - ?

2 page Tarzan text story "While James Hunter Blake..."

Genre Jungle
Pencils ? (illustrations)
Inks ? (illustrations)
Letters typeset
Notes copyright 1939 by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Half page This Curious World filler "Orangutans"

Genre Fact
Script William Ferguson
Pencils William Ferguson
Inks William Ferguson

4 page Apple Mary and Dennie story "Sunny is found after she had been stolen..."

Genre Drama
Script Martha Orr
Pencils Martha Orr (signed)
Inks Martha Orr (signed)
Notes copyright 1938 by Publisher's Syndicate, Inc.
Reprinted from Apple Mary (Publishers Syndicate) ? - ?

4 page Time Marches Back with Looney Luke story "With a simple twist of the dial..."

Genre Humor
Script Win Smith
Pencils Win Smith (signed)
Inks Win Smith (signed)

3 page Boots story "Gee whiz Mister be careful..."

Genre Adventure; Humor
Script Edgar Martin
Pencils Edgar Martin (signed)
Inks Edgar Martin (signed)
Notes copyright 1938 by NEA Service, Inc.
Reprinted from Boots and Her Buddies (Newspaper Enterprise Association) ? - ?

Half page Out Our Way with The Willets filler "Here's a piece of cardboard off the back..."

Genre Humor
Script J. R. Williams
Pencils J. R. Williams (signed)
Inks J. R. Williams (signed)
Notes copyright by NEA Service, Inc.
Reprinted from Out Our Way (Newspaper Enterprise Association) ?