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Issue Details

Issue #33
Published March 1941
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Oskar Lebeck

Cover Details

Genre Superhero
Pencils Frank Thomas (signed)
Inks Frank Thomas (signed)

1 page Herky story "I got one of me cryin' spells again t'day, Hoiky!"

Genre humor
Script Clyde Lewis
Pencils Clyde Lewis
Inks Clyde Lewis
Notes inside front cover; colored red, black, and white.

8 page Owl story "Hmph! ...If it ain't Nick Terry!"

Characters The Owl; Owl Girl; Pantherman (villain)
Genre Superhero
Pencils Frank Thomas (signed)
Inks Frank Thomas (signed)

6 page Stratosphere Jim story "After putting a Japanese column to rout..."

Genre Adventure
Pencils Al McWilliams (signed)
Inks Al McWilliams (signed)

6 page Ellery Queen story "Ellery Queen! What are you doing in Florida?"

Genre Detective
Pencils Bill Ely
Inks Bill Ely

4 page Myra North story "The Invisible Man"

Genre Adventure
Script Ray Thompson (signed)
Pencils Charles Coll (signed)
Inks Charles Coll (signed)
Reprinted from strips.

Half page This Curious World filler "Puffins"

Genre fact
Script Wiyang Ferguson
Pencils Wiyang Ferguson (signed)
Inks Wiyang Ferguson (signed)

7 page Red Ryder story "Leaving the Duchess and Beth to search for Little Beaver..."

Genre Western
Script Fred Harman
Pencils Fred Harman (signed)
Inks Fred Harman (signed)
Reprinted from strips.

4 page Gabby Scoops story "Gabby Scoops is back in his home town..."

Genre Adventure; Humor
Script Bill Treadwell (signed)
Pencils Bill Connor (signed)
Inks Bill Connor (signed)

4 page Dan Dunn story "Slug Weese, ex-confederate of the murderous professor..."

Genre Detective
Script Norman Marsh
Pencils Norman Marsh (signed)
Inks Norman Marsh (signed)
Reprinted from strips.

6 page Bob and Bill story "Bob and Bill, the Scout twins, were exploring a great cave..."

Genre Adventure
Pencils Ralph Carlson (signed)
Inks Ralph Carlson (signed)

6 page Wash Tubbs story "While Wash is having his troubles in far-off Venezuela..."

Genre Adventure
Script Roy Crane
Pencils Roy Crane (signed)
Inks Roy Crane (signed)
Reprinted from strips.

1 page Boots story "Lessee now...there's just one more t' call on..."

Genre Humor
Script Edgar Martin
Pencils Edgar Martin (signed)
Inks Edgar Martin (signed)
Reprinted from strips

4 page Don Winslow story "So you want to talk, Thor?"

Genre Adventure; War
Script F. W. Martinek
Pencils Leon A. Beroth
Inks Leon A. Beroth
Reprinted from strips

1 page Herky story "Excuse, please, if I address honorable stranger..."

Genre Humor
Script Clyde Lewis
Pencils Clyde Lewis (signed)
Inks Clyde Lewis (signed)
Reprinted from strip?

1 page Tarzan text story "Into the camp of the Shiftas, Tarzan of the Apes had stolen silently..."

Genre Jungle
Letters typeset

6 page Crusoes story "The Crusoes are taking life easy..."

Genre Adventure
Pencils Al Micale
Inks Al Micale