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Issue Details

Issue #5
Published July 1954
Frequency bi-monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stanley Morse ?
Notes CRIME DETECTOR is published bi-monthly by TIMOR PUBLICATIONS, Inc., at Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Editorial Office: 280 Madison Avenue, New York 16, N. Y. All information for this issue is from Darci, March 2009.

Cover Details - "The Law Always Wins!!"

Genre crime
Letters typeset

1 page Sunset Fan Club advertisement 25 Big 8" X 10" Glossy Pictures - Your Choice $1.00

Notes Indicia at bottom of page: "Published bi-monthly by Timor Publications." Inside front cover.

6 page story "Gun Happy"

Characters Bill Parker; Tom Parker; Sgt. Bob Crawford; Ann Parker (nee Crawford); Mrs. Parker
Synopsis Tom Parker's fascination with guns leads him and his wife to a life of crime.
Genre crime
Notes Loosely based upon the film noir classic, Gun Crazy, 1950 directed by Joseph H. Lewis. (info from Frank Motler on the gcd-main list, January 2010)

1 page story "The Deadly Needle!"

Characters Captain Craig (of the Homicide Department); Tim; Cartells' butler; James Cartell; John Cartell
Synopsis Captain Craig solves the murder of James Cartell.
Genre crime

1 page Mail Order Mart advertisement "Ladies' 20 Dresses For $3.50"

1 page Mardo Sales Corporation advertisement "Reversible Auto Seat Covers"

1 page Scope Products Co advertisement "Amazing Double-Action Skin Treatment That Conceals As It Medicates"

6 page story "Death for Sale"

Characters John "Fats" Logan; Mrs. Krummen; Mrs. Anthony Samuels; Dr. Albert Samuels; Dr. Ericson
Synopsis "Fats" Logan accepts a contract to kill Anthony Samuels on the eve of his critical operation.
Genre crime

5 page story "Slaughter In The Court"

Characters Claude Allen; Jack Allen; mayor of Hicksville, VA; Floyd Allen; Victor Allen; Wesley Allen; Sidna Allen
Synopsis It takes the state police to put an end to the Allens' crime spree.
Genre crime

Half page filler "The Penalty Of Being Big..."

Synopsis Romans used captured scholars as teachers, but big slaves as gladiators.
Genre fact

2 page text story "Vengeance!"

Characters Lew Sawyer; Mrs. Mary Jones; Chief of Police P. J. Murphy; Mrs. Grace Moore; Marshall Russ Lewis; Deputy Tim Lawton
Synopsis An ex-husband kills one of his wife's friends.
Genre crime
Letters typeset

1 page Gary Pharmacal advertisement "Medical Tablet Discovery!"

1 page State Finance Co advertisement "Borrow Money By Mail!"

6 page story "Ultimate Destiny"

Characters Dr. Howard Channy; Johnathan Barkley; Lahama Khan; Lucian
Synopsis Johnathan Barkely frightens his friend, Dr. Channy, with his recollection of what happened in Tibet.
Genre horror
Pencils Jay Disbrow

1 page The FUNman advertisement "Prizes Given - Make Money Too!"

1 page Dean Ross Piano Studios, Inc advertisement "Play Piano The First Day...Or Don't Pay!"

Notes Inside back cover.

1 page General Card Co advertisement "Want To Make $40.60?"

Notes Back cover.