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Issue #132
Published March 1948
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing David McKay?

Cover Details

Genre children; humor

4 page Katzenjammer Kids story "It says here dot der kind uf Ubbu-Jubbu..."

Genre children; humor
Script Rudolph Knerr
Pencils Rudolph Knerr
Inks Rudolph Knerr
Colors Rudolph Knerr
Letters Rudolph Knerr
Reprinted strip reprints

4 page Brick Bradford story "Blown off their course by a gale, Brick and Rota sight an island..."

Genre science fiction
Script William Ritt
Pencils Clarence Gray
Inks Clarence Gray
Colors William Ritt
Reprinted strip reprints

2 page Teddy and Sitting Bull story "G'wan, my pop's smarter than yours"

Genre Children
Script Joe Musial
Pencils Joe Musial
Inks Joe Musial
Colors Joe Musial
Letters Joe Musial
Reprinted strip reprints

4 page Tim Tyler story "The gas bomb inside the plane must have spent itself by now--"

Genre Adventure; children
Script Lyman Young
Pencils Lyman Young
Inks Lyman Young
Colors Lyman Young
Letters Lyman Young
Reprinted strip reprints

1 page Barney Google story "Snif!! Whar could mah man disappear?"

Genre Humor
Script Fred Lasswell
Pencils Fred Lasswell
Inks Fred Lasswell
Colors Fred Lasswell
Letters Fred Lasswell
Reprinted strip reprint

4 page Jungle Jim story "Halt or I shoot!" the guard yells in Siamese.

Genre jungle
Script Alex Raymond?
Pencils Alex Raymond
Inks Alex Raymond
Colors Alex Raymond?
Reprinted strip reprints

4 page Blondie story "You look awfully happy, Dagwood"

Genre Family; Humor
Script Chic Young
Pencils Chic Young
Inks Chic Young
Colors Chic Young
Letters Chic Young
Reprinted strip reprints

4 page Phantom story "Good work, Captain Byron."

Genre superhero; jungle
Script Lee Falk
Pencils Ray Moore
Inks Ray Moore
Colors Lee Falk
Reprinted strip reprints

4 page Prince Valiant story "The lilt of flutes and throbbing of drums dies away..."

Genre period; adventure
Script Hal Foster
Pencils Hal Foster
Inks Hal Foster
Colors Hal Foster
Reprinted strip reprints