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Issue Details

Issue #23
Published September 1942
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Charles Biro; Bob Wood

Cover Details

Characters John Dillinger; Baby Face Nelson; Jim Hamilton
Genre Crime
Pencils Charles Biro
Inks Charles Biro

11 page Crime Kings story "The True Story of John Dillinger"

Characters I: John Dillinger (D), Melvin Purvis
Genre Crime
Script Woody Hamilton?
Pencils Woody Hamilton
Inks Woody Hamilton

6 page Cop Hero of the Month story "John Crandon"

Genre Crime

8 page story "Baby Face Nelson and the Mason City Bank Robbery"

Genre Crime
Notes I: George "Baby Face" Nelson (D)

10 page story "Pancho Villa"

Genre Western
Notes I: Pancho Villa (D)

5 page story "The Ridiculous Riddle of the Murdered Major"

Genre Crime
Pencils Norman Maurer
Inks Norman Maurer

3 page text story "The White-Masked Terror"

Script Woody Hamilton
Letters typeset

6 page story "Three Isolated Murders"

Genre Crime
Script Dick Briefer?
Pencils Dick Briefer (Richard Norman)
Inks Dick Briefer

4 page Two-Legged Rats story "Joshua the Second"

Characters I: Joshua the Second (Franz Creffield; D)
Script Bob Montana?
Pencils Bob Montana?
Inks Bob Montana?

3 page story "The Monster of Munsterberg"

Characters I: Pop Klein (D)
Genre Crime
Pencils Carl Hubbell
Inks Carl Hubbell

5 page story "The Fire Fiends of Missouri"

Genre Crime
Pencils Alan Mandel
Inks Alan Mandel