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Issue Details

Issue #63
Published April 1945
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 52
Editing Vince Fago?

Cover Details

Genre superhero
Pencils Alex Schomburg
Inks Alex Schomburg

12 page Human Torch story "Killers, Incorporated"

Characters V: Carter Blackstone (I), the Three Aces (I); I: Anne Gibson, "Steel" McCarthy, and Harry, Ed, and Bill McCarthy (his sons)
Synopsis Torch and Toro are working at a steel mill melting slag when they notice a fight break out among the men. They convince the men to avoid needless fighting and go back to work. Later, they clock out at the end of the shift and see a woman harassed by three men on the street. After they give her a hand she tells them that her step-father owns a rival mill and is planning sabotage. The step-father sends three goons to blackjack Torch, Toro and his daughter and dispose of their bodies in a pond. The water revives Torch and he realizes if he takes the time to dive for them, his friends will drown, so he uses his flame to evaporate the pond and save Toro and the girl. They return to their place of employment and help fight off the would-be wreckers.
Genre superhero
Pencils Mort Lawrence?
Inks Mort Lawrence?

12 page Sub-Mariner story "Vanishing Killers"

Characters GS: Betty Dean; V: Smoke Durgan (I), a Warden Hawes impersonator (I)
Genre superhero
Pencils Allen Simon
Inks Mort Lawrence?

7 page Miss America story "The Black Flag of Doom"

Characters V: Blackbeard and his air pirates (I, D for all)
Genre superhero
Script Otto Binder
Pencils Charles Nicholas
Inks Charles Nicholas

2 page text story "Personal Assignment"

Letters typeset

7 page Patriot story "The Master of Death"

Characters V: Dr. Hades (I, D), Lucifites (I)
Genre superhero
Pencils Al Bellman
Inks Vince Alascia

8 page Angel story "The Horror of the Catwoman"

Characters V: The Catwoman (I, D)
Genre superhero
Pencils Jimmy Thompson
Inks Jimmy Thompson