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Issue Details

Issue #4
Published June 1940
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Abner Sundell
Notes This issue contains the statement of ownership, management, and circulation.

Cover Details

Pencils Charles Biro
Inks Charles Biro
Notes This issue contains the statement of ownership, management, and circulation.
Reprinted in Blue Ribbon Comics (Archie, 1983 series) #1

10 page Rang-A-Tang story "The Canal Zone Murder Case"

Characters V: Wheeler (I)
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Ed Smalle
Inks Ed Smalle

8 page Hercules story "Hercules Slays the Lion of Nemea"

Characters I & O: Hercules; V: Leo Nymia (I, D), Scabroni (I)
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Ed Wexler
Inks Ed Wexler

5 page Gypsy Johnson story "Battle With Shiek Tamah"

Characters I: Gypsy Johnson; V: Shiek Tamah (I)
Pencils John Bulthuis
Inks John Bulthuis

6 page Fox, The story "Origin of the Fox"

Characters I & O: The Fox (Paul Patton); I: Ruth Ransom, DAILY GLOBE editor; V: The Night Riders (I)
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Irwin Hasen
Inks Irwin Hasen

6 page Corporal Collins story "Company C Is Trapped"

Characters I: Slapsie Carr; V: The Nazis
Script Abner Sundell?
Pencils Charles Biro
Inks Charles Biro

1 page text story "Hunting the Coyote"

Letters Typeset

6 page Ty-Gor story "The Origin of Ty-Gor"

Characters I & O: Ty-Gor (Tyrone Gorman); I: Mr. and Mrs. Gorman (D; Ty-Gor's parents), Malma (a tigress); V: The Gapousas (I; one D)
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Mort Meskin
Inks Mort Meskin

7 page Doc Strong story "The Isle of Right"

Characters I & O: Doc Strong; I: Alice Rayburn, Professor Harrison, Dr. Henry Davidge, Walter PLarker, Edward Stuyvesant, Sampson Smith; V: Gustave Ritter (I)
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Sam Cooper
Inks Sam Cooper

1 page Dipsy and Doodle filler

Pencils P. Quincy

6 page Loop Logan story "The Blue Duke"

Characters I: Loop Logan; V: The Blue Duke (I; Lt. Villon)
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Frank Volp
Inks Frank Volp

6 page Green Falcon story "The Coming of the Green Falcon"

Characters I & O: The Green Falcon; V: Prince John, Sir Boltyn, the Saracens (I for all); I: Lady Marion, Richard the Lion-Hearted
Script Harry Shorten
Pencils Edd Ashe
Inks Edd Ashe