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Issue Details

Issue #6
Published September 1940
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Abner Sundell

Cover Details

Pencils Ed Smalle
Inks Ed Smalle

11 page Rang-A-Tang story "Richy, the Amazing Boy"

Characters I: Richy Waters (Richy, the Amazing Boy); V: The Bundonians (I)
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Ed Smalle
Inks Ed Smalle

8 page Hercules story "Hercules Cleans the Stable of King Augeais"

Characters V: Augie King, Dick Rivers (I for both); I: Tom Rivers
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Ed Wexler
Inks Ed Wexler

5 page Gypsy Johnson story "The Island of Baron Von Krasner: Part 2"

Characters V: Baron Von Krasner (D)
Pencils John Bulthuis
Inks John Bulthuis
Notes story swiped from "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell; story continues from Blue Ribbon Comics (1939 series) #5 (July 1940); Penciller and inker credits corrected by Denys Howard on 20 July 2004 from information from Jerry Bails; original credit was "Johann Bulthuis"

6 page Fox story "The Capture of Scarface Mike"

Characters V: Scarface Mike (I)
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Irwin Hasen
Inks Irwin Hasen

7 page Corporal Collins story "The Underground Supply Train"

Characters V: The Nazis
Script Abner Sundell
Pencils Charles Biro
Inks Charles Biro

6 page Ty-Gor story "Trap For Ty-Gor's Uncle"

Characters I: Gorman (Ty-Gor's uncle); V: Hartley (I)
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Mort Meskin
Inks Mort Meskin

6 page Doc Strong story "Attack On the Isle of Right"

Characters V: Gustave Ritter, Edward Stuyvesant
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Sam Cooper
Inks Sam Cooper

6 page Loop Logan story "The Double Agent"

Characters V: Hans Himler (I)
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Frank Volp
Inks Frank Volp

6 page Green Falcon story "Lady Marion Enslaved"

Characters V: Sir Boltyn, Zayda (I), Saracens
Script Harry Shorten
Pencils Edd Ashe
Inks Edd Ashe