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Issue Details

Issue #17
Published October 1941
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Harry Shorten

Cover Details

Pencils Sam Cooper
Inks Sam Cooper

10 page Mr. Justice story "The Green Ghoul Strikes"

Characters V: The Green Ghoul; I: Tracey Keen (killed and possessed by the Green Ghoul)
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Sam Cooper
Inks Sam Cooper

11 page Rang-A-Tang story "The Murder of Mary Marvin"

Characters I: Mary Marvin (D); V: Big Mike Bigelow, Slick, and another henchman (I for all)
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Ed Smalle
Inks Ed Smalle

6 page Fox story "The Clue of the Broken Bracelet"

Characters V: Slapsie (I; not Corporal Collins's co-star)
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Warren King
Inks Warren King

7 page Corporal Collins story "Encounter With Mohlasos Candhi"

Characters V: Forbes (I); I: Mohlasos Candhi
Script Harry Shorten?
Pencils Carl Hubbell
Inks Carl Hubbell

6 page Ty-Gor story "Reunion With Malma"

Characters GS: Joan Davis, Mr. Davis, Mr. DeSnook, Junior DeSnook
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Joe Blair
Inks Joe Blair

6 page Inferno story "Murdered By a Mummy"

Characters V: Jake Reeves, Dr. Reeves (I for both)
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Paul Reinman
Inks Paul Reinman

6 page Loop Logan story "Scouting On the Suez: Part 2"

Characters V: The Nazis
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Frank Volp
Inks Frank Volp

9 page Captain Flag story "Battle With the Black Hand"

Characters V: The Black Hand, Von Keitel (I), Schmidt (I); I: Veronica Darnell
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Warren King
Inks Warren King