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Issue Details

Issue #11
Published May 1941
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Will Eisner

Cover Details

Characters Uncle Sam
Genre war; occult
Pencils Lou Fine
Inks Lou Fine

9 page Uncle Sam story "The Steelville Story"

Characters Uncle Sam; Scalini (first appearance; villain); B. G. Vander (first appearance); Miss Vander (first appearance); Jim (first appearance)
Genre war; occult
Script Will Eisner
Pencils Reed Crandall?
Inks Reed Crandall?

6 page Sally O'Neil Policewoman story "The Reformation of Billy Morris"

Characters Sally O'Neil; Billy Morris (first appearance); Whitey and his gang (villains)
Genre detective
Script Toni Blum
Pencils Chuck Mazoujian
Inks Chuck Mazoujian

5 page Kid Patrol story "Sunshine Falls In Love"

Characters Kid Patrol; Sunshine's aunt (first appearance)
Genre adventure; children; humor
Pencils Charles Nicholas
Inks Charles Nicholas

5 page Prop Powers story "Firing Squad of Spies"

Characters Prop Powers; Flick (first appearance; villain); other spies (first appearance; villains)
Genre aviation
Pencils Rudy Palais
Inks Rudy Palais

1 page Windy Breeze story "The Bronc Buster"

Characters Windy Breeze
Genre humor
Script Jack Cole
Pencils Jack Cole [as Ralph Johns]
Inks Jack Cole

5 page Kid Dixon story "Bout With Samson Young"

Characters Kid Dixon [Danny "Kid" Dixon]; Spade Diggins (first appearance; villain)); Samson Young (first appearance)
Genre sports
Script Klaus Nordling
Pencils Klaus Nordling
Inks Klaus Nordling

6 page Quicksilver story "Death Rides the Racetrack"

Characters Quicksilver [Max]; Reilly (first appearance; villain); Al (first appearance; villain); gamblers (first appearance; villains); Larry (first appearance; a driver) Larry's girlfriend (first appearance)
Genre superhero
Pencils Nick Cardy
Inks Nick Cardy

4 page Jack and Jill story "Mystery At Midway Island"

Characters Mayer (first appearance; death); a lawyer (first appearance; death); A murderer (first appearance; villain)
Genre detective
Pencils Chuck Mazoujian
Inks Chuck Mazoujian

1 page Miss Winky story

Characters Miss Winky
Genre humor
Script Arthur Beeman
Pencils Arthur Beeman
Inks Arthur Beeman

5 page Wonder Boy story "The TAL Plane Crackups"

Characters Wonder Boy; Lou Grand and his gang (first appearance; villains)
Genre superhero
Script Toni Blum?
Pencils Al Bryant?
Inks Al Bryant?

2 page text story "The Bloodiest Battle"

Script Toni Blum [as Anthony Lamb]
Letters typeset

4 page Pen Miller story "The Museum Mystery"

Characters Pen Miller; Relick (first appearance; villain); Relick's partners (first appearance; villains)
Genre detective
Script Klaus Nordling
Pencils Klaus Nordling
Inks Klaus Nordling

4 page Paul Bunyan story "The Indian Timber Thieves"

Characters Paul Bunyan; Siwash Joe and his gang (first appearance; villains)
Genre folklore
Pencils Reed Crandall
Inks Reed Crandall

7 page Merlin story "War With Wotan"

Characters Merlin the Magician [Jock Kellog]; Wotan (first appearance; villain); Adolf Hitler (villain); a Druid (first appearance; villain); a Nazi commander (first appearance; villain); Two ancient Britons (first appearance); two modern-day soldiers (first appearance)
Pencils Emil Gershwin
Inks Emil Gershwin