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Issue Details

Issue #53
Published April 1946
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 60
Editing George Brenner

Cover Details

Characters The Barker [Carnie Callahan]
Genre adventure; humor
Pencils Al Bryant
Inks Al Bryant

11 page Barker story "Scramolo, the Escape Wizard"

Characters The Barker [Carnie Callahan]; Scramolo (first appearance; villain); Prof. Scratz (first appearance)
Genre adventure; humor
Script Klaus Nordling
Pencils Klaus Nordling
Inks Klaus Nordling

8 page Sally O'Neil Policewoman story "The Red God Ruby"

Characters Sally O'Neil; Gwarden (first appearance; villain)
Genre detective
Pencils Gene Fawcette
Inks Gene Fawcette

1 page Salty Waters story

Genre humor
Script Bernard Dibble
Pencils Bernard Dibble
Inks Bernard Dibble

7 page Quicksilver story "Lonesome"

Characters Quicksilver [Max]; Lonesome (first appearance; villain); Marmot (first appearance; villain; death); Stooge (first appearance; villain; death); Zimmy (first appearance; villain; death); other crooks (first appearance; villains; all die)
Genre superhero
Pencils Bill Quackenbush
Inks Bill Quackenbush

1 page Windy Breeze story "Retriever For Rent"

Characters Windy Breeze
Genre humor
Script Jack Cole
Pencils Jack Cole
Inks Jack Cole

7 page Lassie story "The Men From Mars?"

Characters Lassie
Script Bernard Dibble
Pencils Bernard Dibble
Inks Bernard Dibble

6 page Whistler story "The Trial of Monk McGurn"

Characters The Whistler [Mallory Drake]; Monk McGurn (first appearance; villain); Tony Munsi (first appearance; villain); Sam (first appearance; villain); other hoods (first appearance; villains); Mr. Mallory Anderson (first appearance); Mrs. Mallory Anderson (first appearance)
Genre superhero; detective
Script Vernon Henkel
Pencils Vernon Henkel
Inks Vernon Henkel

2 page text story "Banditos"

Letters typeset

7 page Destroyer 171 story "The Saboteurs and the Sub"

Characters The Japanese (villains)
Genre war
Pencils Al Camy?
Inks Al Camy?
Notes last appearance; all stories set in World War II

6 page Intellectual Amos story "The Coffin In the Old House"

Characters Intellectual Amos; Boss (first appearance; villain); Squint (first appearance; villain); Pete (first appearance; villain)
Genre humor; adventure; children
Script Andre LeBlanc
Pencils Andre LeBlanc
Inks Andre LeBlanc