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Issue Details

Issue #13
Published May 1941
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Leo Greenwald

Cover Details

Characters Human Meteor [Duke O'Dowd]
Genre superhero
Pencils George Mandel (signed)
Inks George Mandel

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "It's Fresh It's New It's -- Speed Comics"

Characters Shock Gibson
Genre superhero
Pencils Bob Powell
Inks Bob Powell
Notes features cover of Speed Comics #12

10 page Human Meteor story "The Panama Spy Ring"

Characters Duke O'Dowd [Human Meteor]; Toby; Mercer (intro, an FBI agent)
Synopsis The Human Meteor captures a bunch of spies receiving messages from Panama and then goes to the Canal Zone to capture their leader
Genre superhero
Script Robert Turner (signed)
Pencils Arthur Peddy
Inks Arthur Peddy

1 page Champ Chuckles filler

Genre gags
Script Gosh
Pencils Gosh
Inks Gosh

8 page Liberty Lads story "Time Bomb In the Coal Bin"

Characters Liberty Lads [Chuck Martin; Skip Hathaway] (intro, modern version); Mac McCollough; Nazis
Synopsis The Lads stowaway on a navy vessel and rescue it from an enemy sub attack and a planted bomb
Genre adventure
Pencils Henry Kiefer
Inks Henry Kiefer
Notes story now set in modern times

6 page Neptina story "Revolt of the Walrus Men"

Characters Neptina; Fletcher; Norma Whitey; Fishman; Mhera (villain); Walrus Men (Intro); King Eon(intro)
Synopsis Neptina, Fletcher Norma and Fishman journey to Polaris to enlist aid of Prince Eon in putting down a revolt led by Neptina's sister Merha
Genre science fiction
Script Bently Wade
Pencils Harry Parkhurst ?
Inks Harry Parkhurst ?

2 page text story "Special Delivery Death Warrant"

Script Don Somers
Letters typeset

4 page Steve Battle, Undercover Agent story "The Spy and the Admiral's Daughter"

Characters Steve Battle (intro); Miss Blake; Admiral Blake; Rene Stuba (Intro, villain)
Genre spy
Script Bart Ellis
Pencils Fred Morgan ?
Inks Fred Morgan ?

10 page Champ story "The Spies and the Secret Formula"

Characters The Champ; Prof. Benson (intro); Henry
Synopsis The Champ and Henry have to rescue Prof. Benson who has been kidnapped from his laboratory.
Genre adventure; sports
Script George Little
Pencils Arthur Peddy ?
Inks Arthur Peddy ?

2 page Simple Snitz story "Solves His First Case!"

Characters Simple Snitz
Genre humor; detective
Script Art Helfant (signed)
Pencils Art Helfant (signed)
Inks Art Helfant (signed)

6 page Dragon's Teeth story "Episode Eight"

Characters Dash Dolan; Nayla Randolph; Capt. Osami (Intro, villain)
Genre adventure
Script Robert Leslie Bellem (signed)
Pencils Adolphe Barreaux (signed)
Inks Adolphe Barreaux

1 page Champ Puzzler activity

Script A. W. Nugent
Pencils A. W. Nugent (signed)
Inks A. W. Nugent (signed)

6 page Johnny Fox story "The Everglades Mystery"

Characters Johnny Fox; Sanchez (intro, villain); Jason (intro, villain); Nancy Van Haas (intro); Mr. Van Haas (intro)
Genre superhero
Script Robert Turner [as Paul Porter]
Pencils Alex Blum ?
Inks Alex Blum ?

8 page Dr. Miracle story "The Sorcery of Ahman-Ka"

Characters Dr. Miracle; Ahman-Ka Lukor (Intro, villain); Oasi (Intro; a transformed cat); Isis (Intro); John Branton
Genre occult
Script Toni Blum ? [as Anthony Allen]
Pencils Alex Blum
Inks Alex Blum