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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published December 1939
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Worth Carnahan; Adolphe Barreaux (associate editor)

Cover Details

12 page Champ story Meet "The Champ"

Characters The Champ (intro); Dr. Marlin (intro); Coach Barker; Gil Tomlinson (villain); Silky Burke; Butch O'Leary; Fay Madison
Genre sports
Pencils Adolphe Barreaux ?
Inks Adolphe Barreaux ?
Notes title from cover

6 page Neptina story "The Coming of Neptina"

Characters Neptina (intro); the Fish-Men; Lt. Brad Fletcher; Whitey Larsen; Admiral Gannon
Genre science fiction
Pencils Harry Parkhurst ?
Inks Harry Parkhurst ?

2 page Fancy Pants story "The Case of the Missing Motor"

Characters Fancy Pants (intro)(a detective)
Genre detective

6 page Blazing Scarab story "Quest For the Blazing Scarab"

Characters Walt Worthington; Prof. Chauncey; Snowball; Mustafa Bey (Villain)
Genre adventure; fantasy
Pencils George Papp
Inks George Papp

3 page Swingtime Sweetie story "Jitterbug Contest"

Characters Sally Sweet; Mr. Sweet; Bob; Mrs. Sweet
Notes only appearance

2 page The Champ text story "The Story of the Champ"

Characters The Champ; Dr. Katsu (Intro; villain)
Script Dr. Marlin
Letters Typeset

7 page Jungleman story "Enter: Jungleman"

Characters Jungleman; Prof. Carter; Louise Carter; Lt. Henri Roget; Dirk Welch (villain); Smiley Gates; Kalu
Genre jungle
Pencils Harry Parkhurst ?
Inks Harry Parkhurst ?

2 page Fancy Pants story "The Hill-Billy Divorce Case"

Genre detective
Notes last appearance

6 page Liberty Lads story "Origin of the Liberty Lads"

Characters The Liberty Lads: [Tom Fenwick; Will Meredith]; Squire Potter; Coco; Possum; Hannah; Marybelle; Wonoco;
Genre period; adventure
Pencils Henry Kiefer
Inks Henry Kiefer

4 page Clan of MacPhattish story "When Scotsmen become bums, that's not news."

Characters The MacPhattish Clan: [Andy; Sandy; Jock]; Mrs. Gotrocks
Genre humor
Pencils Roy Nelson ?
Inks Roy Nelson ?

2 page K.C. Jones story "Hi, folks,--see what I got?"

Characters K. C. Jones (only appearance)

6 page Bill Handy story "The Map In the Dead Man's Hands"

Characters Bill Handy; Pug; Marco; Doug Toomey (Dies); Enid Toomey; Hakanos (Intro, villain)
Pencils Ray Willner
Inks Ray Willner