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Issue Details

Issue #48
Published April - May [1954]
Frequency bimonthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Richard E. Hughes

Cover Details

Characters Cookie; Jitterbuck?

7 page Cookie story "Antony and Cleopatra"

Characters Cookie; Jitterbuck; Angelpuss; Zoot; Mr. Hornblower
Synopsis Cookie's plan to get even with Zoot goes awry, but he gets his scene with Angelpuss anyhow.
Genre humor
Pencils Paul Gustavson ?
Inks Paul Gustavson ?

1 page text story "No Wiles for Susie"

Letters typeset

5 page Jitterbuck Jones story "Slang Situation"

Characters Mr. Jones; Cookie; Jitterbuck; Mrs. Jones; Reverend Townsend
Synopsis Jitterbuck doesn't understand when his father gets a little nostalgic.
Genre humor
Pencils Lynn Karp ?
Inks Lynn Karp ?

1 page Tessie story "Bear Rug"

Characters Tessie; Doll?
Genre humor

1 page text story "Like a Charm"

Letters typeset
Notes 1 page text story with statement of ownership at bottom.

7 page Moronica story "Dog Laundry"

Characters Moronica
Synopsis Moronica opens up a dog laundry.
Genre humor
Pencils Owen Fitzgerald
Inks Owen Fitzgerald
Reprinted in Broadway Babes (Avalon Communications, 1998 series) #1

7 page Cookie story "Rental Trailer"

Characters Cookie; Jitterbuck
Synopsis Cookie and Jitterbuck rent a vacation trailer, and it winds up costing them their car.
Genre humor