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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published May 1940
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing ?

Cover Details

1 page Superform Belt advertisement "You Can't Call My Dad The Blimp Man"

Notes inside front cover

19 page Strongman story "Illegal Raider Ship"

Characters Strongman [Percy Van Norton] (first appearance; origin)
Script Scotty Walters

5 page Buck Burke story "This is the Best Crew of Natives I ever Handled, JoJo"

Characters Buck Burke (first appearance)
Script Jack Stark

6 page Secret Agent Z-2 story "I'm on Another Clue Sir"

Characters Z-2 (first appearance)
Script Douglas

5 page Solar Legion story "Terror Stalks the Trail of the Interplanetary..."

Characters Solar Legion (first appearance); Adam Starr (first appearance); Black Michael (first appearance)
Script Jack Kirby
Pencils Jack Kirby
Inks Jack Kirby
Notes Year 2140
Reprinted in Complete Jack Kirby (Pure Imagination, 1997 series) #1; in Golden-Age Greats (AC, 1998 series) #12

2 page Don Matson text story "Danger Dive"

Characters Don Matson (first appearance)
Letters typeset
Notes 2 x 1/3 page illustrations

5 page Blue Streak story "Sigmund Ruber Missing"

Characters Blue Streak [Don Vin] (first appearance); Tago (first appearance)
Script Lowry Bishop

4 page The Flying Trio story "Look! That wild Chinaman power dived..."

Characters Flying Trio (first appearance); Sing Low (first appearance); Ray (first appearance); Mac (first appearance)
Notes Chinese plays good guy starring role along with two caucasian's in 1940!

5 page Jane Drake story "Jane, You've got to stop this infernal meddling..."

Characters Jane Drake (first appearance); Jerry King (first appearance)
Script Matt Robertson

3 page Alec story "Yang Threatens World"

Characters Yang (first appearance)
Script Rudolph

10 page Shangra story "We've had engine trouble with our plane sir!"

Characters Joan Joyce (first appearance); Jack Flynn (first appearance); Shangra (first appearance)
Script Nam Chung Po