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Issue Details

Issue #5
Published May 1997
Cover Price 1.95 USD
Pages 44
Editing Matt Idelson; Paul Tutrone (assistant)

Cover Details - "The Battle for Wade Wilson's Soul!"

Characters Deadpool; Dr. Killebrew
Genre Superhero; Humor
Pencils Ed McGuinness
Inks Nathan Massengill
Letters Typeset

2 page Deadpool recap "Everything You Need to Know"

Genre superhero; humor
Pencils Various
Inks Various
Colors Various
Letters Typeset

23 page Deadpool story "The Doctor is Skinned (or The End of Our First Story Arc)"

Characters FEATURE: Deadpool; GUESTS: Siryn; Dr. Killebrew; Weasel; C.F.; Patch; VILLAIN: T-Ray
Synopsis With Wade cured of his debilitating condition, he is set on killing his healer and old tormentor, Killebrew, for crimes the doctor perpetrated on him in his days with the Weapon X project, but Siryn stands in the way; T-Ray continues contract killing while plotting revenge on Deadpool.
Genre superhero; humor
Script Joe Kelly
Pencils Ed McGuinness; Kevin Lau
Inks Nathan Massengill
Colors Matthew Paine (color); Digital Chameleon (enhancement)
Letters Richard Starkings; Comicraft; Kolja Fuchs
Reprinted in Alpha Flight / Deadpool (Marvel Italia, 1998 series) #4

2 page Deadpool text article "Behind the Scenes"

Genre superhero; humor
Pencils Ed McGuinness
Inks Digital Chameleon
Colors Digital Chameleon
Letters Typeset
Notes Some of the art for Deadpool #4 and 5 was rendered directly from pencils to colors by Digital Chameleon; Article explains how this process is done and illustrates it with a page from the story (although this is a common practice in current comics, in 1997, it was a revolutionary new process).