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Issue Details

Issue #23
Published August 1996
Cover Price 1.75
Pages 36
Editing Kevin Dooley; Eddie Berganze (Associate Editor)

Cover Details - "Now We Fight Back!"

Characters Aquaman; Tsunami; Power Girl; Arion; Neptune Perkins; Sea Devils
Synopsis Aquaman, holding the banner of Atlantis, leads his troops into battle.
Genre superhero
Pencils Martin Egeland
Inks Howard M Shum
Colors Color Works

22 page Aquaman story "Deep Trouble"

Characters Atlan; Aquaman; Senator Neptune Perkins; Shaxak; Garth (Tempest); Dolphin; King Iqula; Spought; Arion; Koryak; Kordax; Vulko; Queen S'ona; Sea Devils; Tsunami; Power Girl; Nuada Silver-Hand; Guardian of Hy-Brasil; Deep Blue
Synopsis Aquaman goes to Tritonis to enlist their aid, but it has been wrecked by Kordax and the Poseidonians. They free the Tritonians and leave, after Garth defeats Koryak. Atlan gathers all the other undersea heroes to rally with Aquaman.
Genre superhero
Script Peter David
Pencils Martin Egeland;Derec Aucon
Inks Howard M Shum
Colors Tom McCraw
Letters Albert DeGuzman

2 page Aquaman letters page "Ebb & Flow"

Genre superhero
Notes Comments on Aquaman #17.