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Issue Details

Issue #37
Published February 2000
Cover Price $1.99
Pages 36
Editing Ruben Diaz; Frank Dunkerley (assistant editor)

Cover Details

Characters Deadpool; Thor
Genre superhero
Pencils Dan Norton (?)
Letters Typeset

23 page Deadpool story "Chapter X Benediction (Part Four of a Three Part Series!)"

Characters FEATURE: Deadpool; GUESTS: Thor [Jake Olson]; Justice [Vance Astrovik]; Death; VILLAIN: Loki
Synopsis Loki claims to be Deadpool's father and, in order to save Death from dear old dad, DP has to take on Uncle Thor; With Asgardian blood flowing in his veins (?), Pool steals Thor's hammer and becomes the Mighty Deadpool; While Jake runs around trying to get his secret identity back, Deadpool uses his newfound heroic powers inappropriately; But, hey, Loki is the god of lies and things turn out to be a little illusionary; Jake regains the power of Thor and beats DP down; With the conflict resolved, Wade returns home and finds that his hideous face has been fixed and he is now handsome.
Genre superhero
Script Christopher Priest
Pencils Jim Calafiore
Inks Mark McKenna
Colors Shannon Blanchard
Letters Sharpefont; Paul Tutrone