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Issue Details

Issue #29
Published May 1998
Cover Price 2.50 USD
Pages 36
Editing Scott Dunbier; Denisse Chong (Assistant)

Cover Details

Characters Fairchild; Burnout; Rainmaker; Freefall
Genre superhero
Pencils Gary Frank
Inks Cam Smith
Letters Typeset

22 page Gen 13 story "A Firm Grip On Reality!"

Characters Gen 13--John Lynch; Fairchild; Rainmaker; Burnout; Grunge; Freefall; GUESTS: Isaiah; Alex Fairchild; Grifter; VILLAINS: Russell Tindalos; Cherie
Synopsis Lynch turns Isaiah over to Cole at the Wildcats complex; The team invades Tindalos Tech looking for Grunge's missing hand; They discover that Tindalos has injected himself with Grunge's DNA which has transformed the physically disabled professor into a gen-active powerhouse; Since Grunge's genetic material is powering Tindalos, it is Grunge who is able to beat him (and he gets his hand back too).
Genre superhero
Script John Arcudi
Pencils Gary Frank
Inks Cam Smith
Colors Martin Jimenez; Wildstorm FX (computer colors)
Letters Amie Grenier; Denice Park