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Issue Details

Issue #3
Published August 1996
Cover Price $4.50
Pages 32
Editing Teresa Leger?

Cover Details

Genre religious; superhero
Pencils Deon Nuckols
Inks Victor Olazaba (Digital Broome)
Colors Liquid! [Christian Lichtner & Aron Lusen] ?

22 page Archangels story

Synopsis "Kai calls in reinforcements of his own as the battle for Justin's soul continues. Justin slips further and further into darkness, unaware that the path he treads leads to destruction at the hands of an evil far greater that he. Cameron comes face to face with the leader of the Vrakil and it looks like certain death for him until two warriors of light jump into the fray. Will Justin discover the truth about his new job in time to save himself? Can three archangels withstand the might of the Vrakil?" from
Genre religious; superhero
Script Patrick Scott (plot, script, creator); John Leger (script, plot, co-creator)
Pencils Andy Orjuela (pp 1-12, co-creator); Jim Hall (pp 13-22)
Inks Russ Sever
Colors Rob Ro (pp 13-18, 20-22); Alex Bleyaert (pp 13-18, 20-22; Ian Hannin (pp 13-18, 20-22); James Harrell (p 7); John Leger (pp 2,3,5,6,8-12,19,assist 16,17,20); Chris McHugh (assist pp 2-3); Andy Orjuela (1,4)
Letters Darin Coin; John Leger (assist)