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Issue Details

Issue #3
Published February-March 1976
Frequency Bi-Monthly
Cover Price 0.50 USD
Pages 68
Editing Gerry Conway; Paul Levitz (assistant editor)

Cover Details - "Hawkman -- you're killing me!"

Characters Flash [Barry Allen]; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Superman [Clark Kent]; Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Batgirl [Barbara Gordon]; Green Arrow [Oliver Queen]; Aquaman
Genre Superhero
Pencils Frank Brunner (signed)
Inks Frank Brunner (signed)
Reprinted in Roter Blitz (Egmont Ehapa, 1976 series) #10

18 page Flash and Hawkman story "Gorilla My Dreams"

Characters Flash [Barry Allen]; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Hawkwoman [Shiera Hall]; Gorilla Grodd; Iris Allen; Solovar; Black Canary [Dinah Lance]
Synopsis Gorilla Grodd uses his mental powes to turn Hawkman into a gorilla.
Genre Superhero
Script Steve Skeates
Pencils Ric Estrada
Inks Wally Wood
Notes Chapter 1: Corilla My Dreams! Chapter 2: Six and Seven Apes! Chapter 3: Planned It For The Apes!
Reprinted in Roter Blitz (Egmont Ehapa, 1976 series) #10

7 page Aquaman story "The Manhunt On Land!"

Characters Aquaman [Arthur Curry]; "Shark" Norton; The Wizard [Horace Kates]; Topo
Synopsis The Shark and The Wizard excape from jail. The Shark decides to operate on land but Aquaman captures him anyway.
Genre superhero
Script Robert Bernstein
Pencils Ramona Fradon
Inks Ramona Fradon
Notes Part 1 of story, continued in Green Arrow story "The Underwater Archers" in this same issue.
Reprinted from Adventure Comics (DC, 1938 series) #267 (December 1959)

7 page Green Arrow story "The Underwater Archers!"

Characters Green Arrow [Oliver Queen]; Speedy [Roy Harper]; The Wizard [Horace Kates]; Arrow-Boat; Arrow Cave; Aquaman [Arthur Curry] (Cameo); Topo
Synopsis Green Arrow has to face his old foe The Wizard underwater.
Genre superhero
Script Robert Bernstein
Pencils Lee Elias
Inks Lee Elias
Notes Part 2 of story, continued from the Aquaman story "The Manhunt On Land" in this issue.
Reprinted from Adventure Comics (DC, 1938 series) #267 (December 1959)

18 page Superman and Batman story "The Superman-Batman Split"

Characters Superman; Batman; Robin [Dick Grayson]; Supergirl [Kara Zor-El]; Batgirl [Barbara Gordon]; James Gordon; Jimmy Olsen; Ronald Jason; Desmond Jason; Kandor; green kryptonite; Fortress of Solitude
Synopsis Actor Jason Desmond's dying performance is an attempt to fool Superman and Batman into believing he is 2 aliens, one hunting the other. But his story rings false and Superman lets Batman in on the hoax, which ends up fooling Supergirl, Batgirl, Robin, and Jimmy Olsen anyway.
Genre superhero
Script Cary Bates
Pencils Neal Adams
Inks Neal Adams
Reprinted from World's Finest Comics (DC, 1941 series) #176 (June 1968)

1 page Team Talk letters page

Script Gerry Conway ?
Letters Typeset

1 page Shazam!; Hostess promo (ad from the publisher) "The Cup Cake Caper"

Characters Captain Marvel [Billy Batson]
Pencils Curt Swan
Inks Vince Colletta