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Issue Details

Issue #157
Published May 1966
Cover Price 0.12
Pages 36
Editing Mort Weisinger; E. Nelson Bridwell (Asst)

Cover Details - "The Abominable Brats"

Characters Superman; Batman; Kal-El Jr, Bruce Jr.
Genre superhero
Pencils Curt Swan
Inks George Klein

17 page Superman and Batman story "The Abominable Brats"

Characters Bruce Jr; Kal-El, Jr, Kathy Kane, Mxyztplk Jr (intro), Bat-Mite Jr (intro)
Genre superhero
Script Edmond Hamilton
Pencils Curt Swan
Inks George Klein (Part 1), Sheldon Moldoff (Part 2)
Notes imaginary story. Sequel to 154

1 page public service announcement "Health Myths Debunked!"

Synopsis How to treat frostbite, a black eye, and does cutting your hair make it grow faster?
Genre Fact
Script Jack Schiff
Pencils Sheldon Moldoff
Inks Sheldon Moldoff
Letters Ira Schnapp
Notes between parts 1 and 2 of previous story
Reprinted from 11/62 titles

6 page Editors' Round Table: Tales of the Unexpected story "The Secret of Cell 16"

Genre thriller
Script Jack Miller
Pencils Howard Purcell
Inks Howard Purcell
Notes Editors' Round Table
Reprinted from Tales of the Unexpected (DC, 1956 series) #1 (February-March 1956)

Half page Cap's Hobby Hints activity "Beeswax"

Script Henry Boltinoff
Pencils Henry Boltinoff
Inks Henry Boltinoff
Letters Henry Boltinoff