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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published October 2000
Cover Price 3.99 USD; 5.99 CAD
Pages 52
Editing Mike Marts; Mike Raicht (Assistant Editor)

Cover Details

Characters Fantastic Four [Mr. Fantastic; Invisible Woman; Thing; Human Torch]
Genre Superhero
Pencils Alex Ross (painted)
Inks Alex Ross (painted)
Colors Alex Ross (painted)

1 page credits "Credits & Indicia"

Letters Typeset
Notes Inside front cover.

48 page Universe X; Fantastic Four story "I always believed the most difficult thing in life was to be a son."

Characters X-51 [Machine Man; also as Watcher]; Galactus [Franklin Richards]; Fantastic Four [Mr. Fantastic; Invisible Woman; Thing; Human Torch]; Alicia Masters; Adam Warlock; Sub-Mariner [Namor] (flashback); Dr. Doom; Watcher [Uatu]; Silver Surfer (flashback); Galactus (flashback); Celestials; Tigershark; Orka; Agatha Harkness; Captain Marvel [Mar-Vell]
Genre Superhero
Script Alex Ross (Plot); Jim Krueger (Plot and Script)
Pencils Brent Anderson
Inks Brent Anderson; Will Blyberg
Colors Nick Bell
Letters Todd Klein